About JIGS


Hello my beautiful people!

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at my blog .
First of all I would like to thank all my lovely existing followers and friends in Facebook for your love and immense support.

Next, as this is just the beginning of an exciting chapter in my life, I am very excited to share a few details about myself.



So here goes:
Blog name: www.glamlifewithjigs.com
Instagram : glamlifewithjigs
Nationality : Indian
Height: 5’4″
Size: Does it really matter? Love yourself, people!
Location : Dubai
Passions: Fashion, shopping, music

To be very honest, it was my husband who inspired me to start this blog. He gave me all the confidence and inspiration I needed to believe in myself and for that I will be forever grateful to him!


I am a very simple lady and I live for the moment. My 12 years of life in Dubai has been an interesting journey and have given me many opportunities to bring up my things the way I want, which I might not have got if I was living in my home town. Little did I know that I would end up working with a fashion firm when I came to Dubai and I feel so lucky to be working with the company that deals with the most high end fashion brands in world.


I’m really clueless when asked to describe my personal style as it changes according to my mood but I love to have fun and experiment, especially with colours and prints. Also I am obsessed with high heels. The women whom I admire in terms of style are very minimalists but same time elegant and sophisticated.


I started “Glam your life” as a minimalist fashion blogger with an aim to share my personal lifestyle and simplicity with you through pictures and words. Here I would love to share my simple, effortless and cool girl / chic style. For this reason if you’d love to spice up your life with a bit of chic style within your budget, then I’m your girl. However, my blog may not be favoured by high end fashionistas as my outfits and my style is absolutely inspired by simplicity as they give me the comfort of being myself. I try to avoid overly saturated trends though I love to live in bold & beautiful styles. Of course, I do use brands but I am not brand crazy. Anything I wear/ carry, be it from the street, malls or from high end fashion brands…I know how to flaunt it well.

I can post pictures of my outfits, makeup, accessories, shoes or bags, but I am not great at writing good reviews detailing this. I’d love to share a bit of videos of my photo shoots of my blogs posts with you, so you can get a sneak peek into the creation of these images! Anyway, enough about me. I’d love to hear more about you and get to know you. So please introduce yourself and help me take you on this exciting journey Share your views and styles with me and let’s exchange few tips and hacks for flavouring our fashion life. Also leave your suggestions regarding my blog posts. Please do write to me because your valuable opinions provide me opportunity to improve myself and grow among other fashionistas. Love u all.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. linz says:

    The page looks too awesome 🙂
    hope am the first to comment…


  2. A. D. says:

    Interesting write ups… brilliant way to spice up simpler things…

    Inspiring and honest.!!!

    Keep the guns firing… 🙂


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Anshul. Thanks a lot for this inspiration to keep moving. ☺️


  3. Rahul Shetty says:


    Love your work!

    We would want you to blog for us.

    I couldn’t find an email address where I could contact you.


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Hi Rahul. Thank you for your valuable comment. You can email me at glamjigs@gmail.com.


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