Happy new year 2018, Happy 3rd Birthday Glam Your Life (A look back at 2017)

A very Happy 3rd Birthday to “Glam Your Life” and a very Happy New Year 2018 to each of you my dear lovely readers. Like every year we say, 2017 too went by so fast like a flash yeah? I guess, for people who enjoys every day of their life, the days get over fast yeah? Haha. Anyways, I sat down to look back at how things went for me in 2017.

My Career break in 2017


Almost for last 15 years I am working in Dubai, but did you guys know that I recently quit my full time job with one of the most reputed high end fashion retail companies in Dubai because I really wanted to freelance as a Social Media Influencer in Dubai? I kinda wanted to focus more on my passion and be content. My corporate job was such a luxurious one which gave good money in my Bank account but end of day I didn’t have time for myself and my family. Since the time I started my blogging, I knew the time to quit my job was nearing as I barely had any time to sleep and my health was getting effected. Atleast I wanted to take a short break from my busy corporate career and focus on my health and family and on my freelance career as an Influencer. A couple of months back when I realized my office job was taking up my precious time that I could have dedicated to my passionate freelance job and to my family, I took this decision to quit.

Though I enjoy a tremendous flexibility, the downside is that there is no guaranteed paycheck. And on the whole, I’m probably logging more hours now on my Social Media job than I did at my corporate desk job. I think on an average I probably work now for almost 70 hours a week, while at office, I worked for 45 hours a week, but the massive difference is that now I do my work in my own rhythm😊. And another good part of being a freelancer is that I don’t need to have anyone’s permission or certificate to try new things and just give it a good go. Though from the financial perspective, it is very blurry and creates a lot of stress, I always love my freelance job as its full of enthusiasm. However, in 2018 I may again end up in a corporate world, to support my family’s better living in Dubai. Only God knows what’s his plan. Haha.

Achievements in 2017

In 2017, I had several accomplishments in my life. As a Social Media Influencer, It was a year of a great social fame. I was able to build a solid relationships with so many other Influencers, various brands, CEOs and entrepreneurs and some public figures . Probably the most notable achievement in 2017 was that my teaser AD for a fashion makeover show called “FashionablyU” was broadcasted in one of the biggest entertainment channels -Sony Entertainment Television. 😃

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“MOM…look look I am on TV “💃💃💃 . . . Haha guys, yeah I feel so blessed to be on SONY Entertainment Television on the teasers of a show called “Fashionably U”. Some of you might have already watched the BTS on my Instagram stories yeah? It was such a great fun working with these beautiful girls (on the teasers) and each of them are so talented. And thanks to all who was sending DMs on my stories wishing me success😘😘. Sorry I couldn’t reply to most of you. . . . ❤️And I want to thank each of you who generously support and appreciates all my Instagram posts too🙏🏻. Such a proud moment this is just because you guys are my biggest inspiration who made me reach to this platform. Wishing each of you a lot of success and sending more power and positive vibes to you all❤️. . . . A huge thanks to Bhakti Harish from Mystic Concepts (Sony TV) who is the Director/producer of this amazing fashion makeover show.

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Social media Friends- I never usually post these types of topics, but then I thought why should I be afraid to talk my real opinions. Honestly speaking my friends in Facebook and Instagram are entirely opposite to each other. It was quite disappointing to know that few of my Facebook friends are my real haters (I really get annoyed with very narrow-minded people who loves to gossip about everyone and everything) though they pretend to be such good friends. I really stay away from such crowd and haha who really has time for all these dramas. You all know that in every community, such people are there just to degrade the mental health of successful people. So the best thing I did to ignore them was to remove many of them from my FB friendlist and I barely have any friends in Facebook I should say 🙈🙈😜. While in Instagram I am connected to so many great people and most of them are my real good friends in life now. They are extremely supportive and motivating and they really care about me. I feel very fortunate, proud and humble because of their true care. Seriously Instagram gave me such a solid foundation, a great clarity on my goals and most importantly a really supportive community. Am sharing my Instagram link below as that’s my active Social Media platform-


What’s for 2018 In 2018, I want to work creatively on my own terms and measure success by how much fun I am having. I want to plan my time properly to research, write, Influence….take proper nap and dream and live a life giving quality service to my family too. I have dreams to travel to some beautiful places and share my experience with you guys whom I love.

My tips for success- As I mentioned earlier too, the moment people see you start becoming successful, they try not to support you and may try to degrade you mentally. Use those critics or haters as a fuel to keep pushing you towards your goal. People will always tell you that you can’t do it. When you ignore what they say and just keep going, you develop a trust in yourself and a determination that becomes unstoppable. Don’t be afraid to speak up your minds. Also don’t be afraid to confront others with your disagreements. You cannot make everyone happy everytime right? Haha 😆 . All you have to care is just the support of your family.

Have a blessed year 2018. Stay positive. 😘

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