UAE – a country of Humanity and Unity.

Happy 46th National Day UAE

No matter what… I would call UAE as my first home and will forever be thankful to this country as this is the place where I lived my life and this is the country that gave me a lot of opportunities that helped me grow in every ways. For me it’s a land of dreams and fascinations as this is a country where we can dream of a future with endless possibilities. I have absolutely no words to explain how much I love UAE. I can only pray to God to let me live in this safest country for many many more years.

Anyways, how are my UAE friends planning to celebrate the National Day holidays? I am planning to celebrate with my family and friends by visiting some parks or beaches(no malls) as the weather is so pleasant now. And will definitely be visiting one of the places where fire works will be happening.

Here are some pictures and videos that we captured at the Kite beach(Flags area with a beautiful view of Burjalarab). Haven’t you guys visited this place yet ? If not, don’t delay visiting as I doubt if they may remove these flags after these holidays. This was basically a Fashion Photoshoot featuring this beautiful UAE Abaya from Dubai Famous Dress.

Wishing everyone a very very Happy UAE National Day❤️.

Oh well Happy December too!! Can you guys believe 2017 is getting over🙄.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Safak says:

    This is so fantastic 👌Really nice article 🙏🙏


    1. RED Chilli says:

      How sweet. Thanks a lot.


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