My first Hotel review- 7⭐️Hotel -BURJ AL ARAB

If you guys are following me on Instagram “Glamjigs “you might have already watched my stories about the exciting experience that we had while on our visit to the the jewel of the Dubai coast – yes guys I am talking about our visit to the ‘Burj al Arab hotel’ (literally known as ‘Tower of the Arabs’), the worlds best-known 7 Star Luxury Hotel, set on a manmade island and shaped like a sailboat. Oh yeah, Burj Al Arab, this sail-shaped luxury hotel is one of the most iconic landmark of Dubai. And also it is one of the most photographed structures in the world.

The hotel actually doesn’t let you visit there unless you’re staying there or have a reservation at one of their restaurants. My husband and myself is in a very good contact with an Emirati person who is an excellent photographer as well. So the other day we were just discussing with him about my ideas on showcasing some of Dubai’s hotels, resorts, restaurants and some new places to visit, in my Blog category called “Explore Dubai”, he was quite impressed and gave us an invite to start my Hotel reviews with “Burj Al Arab”. Oh what more do I need to feel blessed- I consider myself very lucky to start my first Hotel review with the world’s one and only 7 Star Luxury Hotel- Burj Al Arab. 
Honestly speaking it was a last minute invitation. Though I was totally ill, with a bad Flu, I did not want to reject this special invitation and hence I could not prepare properly before leaving for the photoshoot. Haha You know what, while walking through the lobby and posing for the pictures I totally forgot about my Flu, and I kept thinking that I am Kim Kardashian🙈🙈. Don’t get me wrong girls, any of you may feel so, being photographed there😛. Anyways after our small Photosession there, he took us on a quick walking tour of Burj Al Arab and it was just an unbelievable experience for us   
Have a look at the happy snaps which we took at Burj Al Arab Iconic top luxury hotel in the world. 

After having a few sunset shoots, we could be there for just half an hour, because he had some pre-fixed programs, so we had a little bit of time to walk around the ground floor. He was explaining that there are 8 restaurants, 4 large swimming pools, modern gyms, bars and high class spas in the hotel, which we could not visit because we were getting late. But we found some time to quickly have a stroll around the restaurant Al Mahara (the “underwater” restaurant). While we entered, we gladly took some photos inside of the gold plated tunnel leading to the restaurant. In fact, we took several pics with different angles and frame. In this restaurant, being under the ocean, we can watch sea creatures swimming around. The overall experience here was enhanced by the unique setting and calming atmosphere. 

Here’s a sneak peak of my video highlights taken on our visit to Burj Al Arab

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit the full area of Burj Al Arab, but I’m glad I was able to explore it a bit and watch the sunset at Burj Al Arab up close. BTW, after watching the above video and pictures, don’t you guys love the atmosphere of Burj Al Arab in the colors of sunset ? Nice place on Earth right? ☺️😻
I’m sure I’d feel differently if I actually stayed in the hotel. However, if you want to have the real Burj Al Arab experience, I suggest you to book the restaurants located on the upper floors so that you can at least enjoy the most mindblowing view of the city. 

Am quite sure that you guys are convinced that Dubai is at least centuries ahead of every place on earth right? This is why I have included in my blog, a category called “Explore Dubai” coz there is always something fascinating here that makes me wonder, how this country is man made- Really an Extravagant and glamorous city in the whole world !
I feel indeed very lucky to be living here in Dubai witnessing how rich and ambitious the city is. Seriously guys, living here is such a remarkable experience one can have. To those of my readers, who have not visited Dubai yet- Is Dubai on your bucket list? If not, you have to keep an eye on the “Explore Dubai ” category here on my blogsite and on my Instagram page “Glamjigs” and also on my YouTube channel- “Glam Your Life”, to watch more of the exciting places here, so that you can make sure that “Yes” Dubai is on your Top bucket list 😊. 
Guys, well the outfit that I am wearing is again designed and sewed by myself. I know it isn’t that great, but hope you all atleast liked it. There are few more that I have made by myself which I will be wearing on my future photoshoots. 
Cheers to a happy weekend everyone. BTW, please follow me on my Instagram “Glamjigs” to watch my stories and I post there regularly. I am very less active on Facebook these days. Catch up with my next blog post, very soon. Till then take care guys😘

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  1. Selma Romola R. says:

    Wow !! i always wanted to visit but never got an opportunity. Hope to visit this iconic place at least once.


    1. RED Chilli says:

      You rightly said. You should never miss visiting this iconic place. ❤️


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