Qattro- a lovely Mexican and Italian cuisine 

Hey guys, 

Last weekend I had an incredible food tasting experience at Quattro Ristorante for lunch with my family . Quattro is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving Italian and Mexican Cuisine. As soon as we entered we were quite impressed with the beautiful interiors with a colour combination of Blue, Yellow and Green which makes this a perfect choice for the hangouts. The place has a very charismatic ambiance and love the huge tree in the middle of the restaurant. 
The menu at Quattro is interesting and a lot of innovation can be seen if one goes through all the sections of their menu. 

Here’s a little video I shot:

Before they served the food, they got us a wide selection of dips each of which were explained by our server. 

As soon as the first starter was on the table, I was amazed to see the way they have presented it. And then the journey continues. I have to mention that thier Service was excellent and the orders were served on table pretty quickly. Special mention for the mocktails which went really well with the appetisers. I would name few of the things that I tried at Quattro-


✅Lemon iced tea- it was an amazing iced tea with nitrogen smoke coming out of it.  

✅Green Apple basil cooler. It’s such a delicious drink with a stream of smoke. 
✅Guava Smoothie- This was so delicious and refreshing. 

✅Passion Fruit Lemongrass Margarita was my absolute favourite drink of all. Guys, when you visit Quattro don’t forget to order this yummy Margarita. Excellent and tasted heavenly.

✅Berry Mojito -It was an interesting thing to watch the server turning this cotton candy into a Berry Mojito.  I was really impressed with the quality of drinks this place has to offer. 


✅Risotto Palle. For the appetizers, we had the Risotto Palle which is crumbed and fried risotto balls served with chili oil pipettes which can be squeezed in, to get the right amount of spice that you desire. As how they looked interesting, they were tasty and cheesy. 

✅Taquitos – Next appetizer was the ‘Taquitos’, which is gluten-free tortilla cones filled with beans, jalapeños, salsa, and topped with avocado ice-cream. It was something really interesting coz of an ice-cream being a part of an appetizer. It’s served in a platter that’s got smoke coming out. With a bite, there was a burst of flavors in our mouth. 

✅Fresh Gaucamole served with Tortilla Chips- We just couldn’t wait to get our hands on these Tortillas and avocado Gaucamole. I was blown away with the fresh guacamole here. The preparation of it with the nitrogen smoke was such a delight to watch. The guacamole was prepared by cutting the avocado into half and mixing in the ingredients together in a bowl. It was nice to see that dry ice was used during this process to add more life to the process. I loved the way it was presented. 

Did you guys take a look at the video in the beginning. Check it out and you will definitely start drooling. 😊😊😊

Main course 

Moving on to the mains… the visual appeal of the main course meals were not something that’d have you awestruck but they were all so yummy. 

✅Gnocchi Paprika- This is an Italian cheesy and saucy dish with some potato dumpling. Somehow this was not greatly impressive though the presentation was really good. 

✅Mexican Arroz Crema De Chipotle- This mix of Grilled colourful veggies, along with fat brown rice and some creamy sauce were so tempting and delectable. Of all, I would say this one  was the most healthiest and it busts all myths about healthy food not being tasty.

✅Mediterranean Pizza – This was a Flawlessly done thin crust pizza loaded with cheese and topped with some fresh veggies, olives, and bell peppers. Its a nicely done Pizza- Amazing stuff!!

✅Tres Leches – Okay now if I say eat less everything else and wait for the desserts, you know what I mean right? Yes guys, please save some space for this yummy dessert and I bet you will love it. It is a Mexican milk cake topped with coconut icecream and garnished with some rose petals known as deconstructed Tres Leches. My daughter could get the taste of Bounty, probably because of the coconut icecream. 😋
✅Hazelnut Mousse- This creamy Mousse was served with a scoop of Belgian chocolate and some caramelised popcorn and it tasted heavenly. 

Verdict: Quattro is one of the best fine dining places in Dubai and Its a perfect place to have nice Italian and Mexican vegetarian food at a reasonable price. The ambiance is warm, cosy and the lights are down low boasting a modern vibes to it. This is a very reasonable option. So go for excellent food at a reasonable budget without worrying much about your pockets.

Special thanks for the prompt service and the great hospitality by the staffs and the Manager at Quattro 😊😊

Quattro details-

Location – In Burdubai -Mankhool(opp. Sharaf DG) , next to Aster Pharmacy. 

Phone – 04-3931233

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  1. Selma Romola R. says:

    Awesome place. Hope to get a chance to visit them.


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Hey babe. Yes its superb place to dine. You should definitely visit hun.


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