A shoot with my best friend- the ‘HARLEY DAVIDSON LADY’

Heyya my lovely readers,
Last weekend I had one of the best photoshoots I ever had coz it was with my best friend. Okay now when I say it was the best shoot, there is a reason…As a matter of fact it was my first time that I sat at the back of a Harley Davidson😜. Though in India I have been riding motorcycle, I do not have a 2 wheeler license here in Dubai…sigh😣. I have been riding 2 wheeler for so many years in India (ever since I was 18 legally 🙈) and honestly now I cannot accept the fact that I can just be a passenger on a motorcycle here in Dubai😣.

Anyways. Now Meet our heroine here…our super woman – Hina Malik😍😍. Not only she is a single mom of two beautiful girls, who proved that a woman don’t need a man to be successful, she is also a working woman at Nissan Automobiles Dubai as Fleet sales consultant.  

And this is what happens when a Pakistani Biker and Indian Blogger are BEST friends. We definitely need a photoshoot together right? …Haha 😜😜. Well, when I talk about Pakistanis, I love them a lot as much as I love every other nationalities. And I find no meaning in the enemity between India-Pakistan. I believe we all share same emotions, same worries, same dreams, same goals… etc but always wonder-‘why this fight?’ Seriously, whichever Pakistani friends I know personally, are super talented and have full of strengths and aboveall they are extremely kind people. All I wish is, we will be united and we will care for each other. 

Anyways talking about this blog post, while going for this shoot, we first discussed about the gear we would need, i.e., leather jacket, jeans, boots, helmet, gloves… etc. But though all these were the biker requirements, Look at me 🙈…I was considering just a few things, I think I got more fashion-focused wearing those metallic stilettos which are my favourite( instead of boots)and tying a Bandana in my own style and I even got red streaks on hair for this shoot😜. Though she informed me that I should carry a leather jacket, and to be in black jeans, I didn’t get all those coz of the extreme heat here. If it was a winter shoot probably I would have. But she was still happy to see what I wore, no complaints hehe…That’s how sweet, Hina is. 

 But what was much needed for the shoot was missing here- a helmet. We missed getting a spare one and coz of this reason I couldn’t do a video shoot of us having a proper ride. We had to be happy with the stills. But definitely we are planning for better shoots in the winters with the entire Harley Davidson group here in Dubai.


Well guys, if you remember, a few months back I have shared on my FB , the feature about Hina on Dubai’s leading newspaper- Khaleej times and the coverage was done by their senior multimedia journalist Nilanjana Gupta. If you haven’t read the article yet here is the link-


Hello Nilanjana😊😊, if you are reading this, Thank you so much, for the amazing article written about my friend Hina Malik and two other stunning, strong and powerful Harley women bikers of UAE- Maryana Rian and Dana Adam. It was such a WOW article about these Harley ladies who are symbols of women empowerment. It was very accurate and creatively written about their challenges, adventures, experiences and accomplishments. You are such a talented journalist and your articles are generally so insightful – keep up your good work. I wish you All the Best in your continued career in journalism. 

Thanks a lot Hina, I enjoyed this shoot with you so much, and I can’t wait for our next adventure with the entire Harley team of Dubai! There was a lot of fun during the shoot though we were hauling our ass to get out of the heat😄. We were sweating through our clothes and was starting to feel tired very soon. 
I have great memories that will last for the rest of my life. I am deeply connected to Harley Davidson bike now that I am getting the inner urge of taking a two wheeler license in Dubai 🏍.
Also thanks to the entire crew (photographer/videographer and my hubby darling 😉) for taking some time out of your busy schedule to give me a day off to share your time and effort for this shoot on that super hot day.

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