Add colours to Life

Hello butterflies,

So we are on to another weekend and how are you all planning to celebrate the weekend? For me its all about shopping and experimenting on Fashion as it is always fun and carefree and I love to do such fashion exploring on weekends a little more than in normal weekdays.
As I mentioned in my post the other day, lately there was a lot of bohemian vibe going on in my fashion life. Now, I can state that Boho chic is exactly my style coz I love to mix things up and I have a couple of boho items that can be worked out in boho chic hippie outfits like this one below.

If you guys had been following me for a long time, by now you know I’m not the one to shy away from colours… I am not afraid of wearing the brightest of bright colours, and these pictures just proves that. And I know some people can be scared of colours but I just don’t understand why. So a kind suggestion to those friends…just try to dress up colourful and bright. It will instantly make you so super duper happy 😊, trust me.

My style tip here-

I highly recommend mixing and matching florals like this, I am completely obsessed with them! I like to mix the larger floral designs with the plain ones.

So guys, won’t you go for such bold and colourful outfits? You have to give it a quick thought coz this is the right time of the year to play with anything colourful💕💙🌺

Outfit details- My entire outfit is from Max Fashions from their latest summer collections.

Photo Credits : Naveen(thanks for these wonderful captures). Guys, follow Naveen in the link below-

His Instagram page is Naveenyrn.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chamsicles says:

    Love the photos and your style ✨


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Oh you are so kind. Thanks babe. Love your page too. 👌👌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. chamsicles says:

    Post more of your lookbooks 💖 you’re great at it!


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