Get your Ruffles, Forget your troubles πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Hello my gorgeous butterflies- hope you guys are having a super awesome weekend.

Two weeks back I went for shopping to my most favourite store Zara and when I found this bold ruffle pants which had a unique pattern , I asked myself – ‘Isn’t this just for me?’ It’s bright, trendy, dramatic and ofcourse the main thing which attracted me is- my favourite colour RED. The clean lines in this ruffle pants make it modern and mature.

Ruffles are so trendy these days and the best thing I like about it is – it’s so feminine. There are so many other bold ruffle / frilled pieces in trend now- A wrap dress, a maxi dress with ruffles at the bottom, a skirt with ruffles. Pants with ruffles are another major trend right now.

My styling tips-

While I was styling this ruffles pants there were two things I kept in mind-

Minimal makeup and minimal accessories

Frills and ruffles are at thier best when kept simple, as they are the primary focus of your entire look. With too much of makeup or accessories, it can just get silly. When done right, they’re seriously chic and classy.

While styling ruffles, just remember to keep in mind that no matter how you wear your ruffles, as long as you keep it simple and let the ruffles be the focal point of your lookβ€”with just a few small and subtle touches, you can pull off this look very well.

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