Love is in the HAIR❤❤❤

Hello queens, hope you guys are having a very positive n happy day. Okay have a look at my latest picture.

Am sure you guys might be definitely wondering how i got this long curls suddenly. And if you guys have watched my recent video of that home made hair oil, am sure some of you might even be thinking OMG was it this powerful oil🙈😂😂😂. No guys anything natural and organic takes its own time to give the best result and nothing gives an instant result.
Oh well, then how I got this long hair suddenly right? Hehe ok these are the magic tricks which “Karkafi “can do to your hair. They are the best high quality human hair extension experts who make hairs in such a way to give you the feel a real time princess.

I had such a great time of shooting at Karkafi hair last weekend. I got a chance to meet Heena, the Marketing manager there and we had a shoot with some of the cutest and sexiest hair extensions one can think about.

The hair extension which I ordered for was the Clip ones. Clip-on hair extensions are the perfect method for easily and quickly adding length, volume and Highlights, which you always dreamed. The colour and texture of hair was something that would blend with my natural curls. Simply clip the hair extensions underneath your natural hair by using clips which are on the weft.
Have a look at this video and few other pictures to know more about Karkafi and to see me in different hairstyles. Also I would like to know from you guys which hairstyle suits me the best.

So like me, am sure every lady dreams to have a thick and beautiful hair right? Have you got any custom hairstyles in mind? Get in touch with the team at Karkafi and let them know what kind of fabulous hair you need.
They are supplying all kinds of human hair wigs and extensions including clip in hair, tape hair and glue hair of any colour, any weight… yes anything as per your custom order.
So all my friends here in UAE who are dreaming of having various hair styles, what are you guys thinking of. Go visit one of their branches in UAE and some natural, healthy, flowing, sexy long hair can be yours. This branch which I visited is their newly opened showroom in Business bay( The Exchange Tower, Business Bay, 10th floor 1001).

Have a super awesome weekend loves. See you guys very soon with another interesting post😊😊till then cheers and rock your time❤

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