My Chevrolet Trailblazer dune bashing experience with the Radio team Hit 96.7 FM.

Hello my most amazing readers, hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. Guys, I am super excited to share with you the new series in my blog journey which I’m calling – “Explore Dubai” where I will be posting videos on my exploratory visits to various places in Dubai along with my daughter while my husband will be filming us. Will soon be posting them on my YouTube channel – Glam Your Life and will share the links here!!
I’m super excited guys and I feel on top of the world since my first Vlog post in “Explore Dubai” is all about a supremely adventurous experience with the team of Chevrolet and Dubai’s own Radio Hit 96.7 FM. I’ve had the opportunity of conducting extensive tests in the deserts of the UAE with the new model of chevrolet Trailblazer!!!

So here I am sharing an adventurous excitement which my husband and I had while dune bashing in the deserts of Dubai yesterday. (Unfortunately my daughter couldn’t join as she was under the weather).
A million thanks to Bardees, the senior Communication Executive from MSL group, who along with the Team of Chevrolet and 96.7 gave me this opportunity to accomplish my desire to drive in the desert sands of Dubai by myself and to enjoy the greatness of this car, the Chevorlet Traiblazer. It was a 3 hour drive inside Dubai Desert and Im so happy to share my happiness and excitement here as it was the first time that I drove myself inside a Desert. Okay I am taking the full opportunity to proudly say that I was the only lady there who drove the car in the dunes😎coz Dune driving is not usually much done by ladies. So come on ladies, those of you who have license need to go for a drive in desert coz if I can do it, am sure you ladies can do it much better.
I was overwhelmed as I could experience the whole safari by myself being the driver and it was such an adventurous experience coz Dune driving should not be about approaching things slowly and so surely I had to rapidly pick up speed and head towards the top of the sand dune.

Here’s a video I made about the entire event covering my adventurous driving experience in the desert.

As you all know dune bashing is all about a bumpy ride, so there was some danger of breaking my DSLR. Hence all the photos and videos are taken on my Iphone. So I wish the videos and pictures did its justice.

Anyways here are the amazing RJ’s of Hit96.7 FM.

When we reached the entry point of Desert the Crew and Marshals of Team Chevrolet & the Radio, advised us to reduce the air pressure in tyres as we are about to drive in desert. I was super thrilled to drive through uneven paths in middle of the desert. At start it was little bit difficult to drive on uneven road inside desert as it was too bumpy but I took it as a challenge. There were seriously times we thought we were going to roll coz the dunes were that steep…😲!
My Experience with the Trailblazer –

The Trailblazer made the way on the desert as smooth as silk and I enjoyed every second of it. As a first timer, I got really amazed by the power and control of this car. Its control and grip during the drive just made me fall in Love with it and I just did not want the adventure to end. Seriously guys go for a test drive with this new Trailblazer and You will definitely start to love the power of this amazing car. You don’t really realize the potential of your car until you test it in the situation it is actually built for.
Experience with the team –

This experience with the team created some memories to be cherished lifetime. This dune bashing experience lasted 3 hours. Every second of it was an unforgettable experience.

Team Chevorlet and 96.7 FM team made sure to make this trip very entertaining throughout.
About Weather and beautiful view-

We stopped in between at the top of the Dune to witness the astonishing sunset in the desert. The view was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t stop myself from posing with the car. The cloudy sky and some bit of drizzles while in the middle of the desert added to show the best beauty of nature and the views were dramatically breathtaking. Oh and also we found some camels around and I didn’t forget to pose with them too 🙈😜.

So that’s how my first experience as a reviewer went. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog and viewing the video as much as I did about my dune bashing experience as a driver. Very soon I will be coming up with my next Vlog showing you some beautiful places of Dubai.
So catch up soon guys, and cheers to a fun filled weekend 😘

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