How to prepare home-made herbal Hair Oil. 

Hello you stunners, In this blogpost am gonna share some secrets of my mom’s and grandmoms thick and healthy hair😉. Okay you know, there were times when people just stare at my moms beautiful thick hair. It was really annoying for me when I was in high school to catch folks in the moment of gazing at my mom’s hair. Some totally deny it and look away the minute I give them a stare. While some others begin to grill me crazily with their stupid questions that they can’t believe its so natural and if its a wig hahaha😜. Anyways guys I have to admit that it was pure Jealousy that I had over my mom’s hair.
Well, to all of your knowledge, I am a Keralite and hence we are known to have black, thick hair as a result of using a lot of virgin coconut oil. But I also agree to the fact that the modern girls of this age don’t have that good hair compared to those days where there were those ‘natural girls’ who only use eco friendly products .
I know it’s really hard for some of you to believe that my curls are really natural. So here I just wanna show you guys that my hair have to do a hereditary game. Yes, my naturally curly tresses actually came from my Mom and Grandmom.
Have a look at this video if you guys wanna see them.(well, please excuse the quality of the video 🙈) And you guys won’t believe that even at the age of 85 my grandmom barely have any grey hair.

I do believe that I got a mix of my dad’s and mom’s hair coz my dad had normal hair while my mom has kind of really thick curls. So basically my hair is not as thick and beautiful as my moms and grandmoms.
You know what…I was taught at an early age to take care of my hair. Meaning, my folks did not allow me to chemically treat my hair until I was in high school. And the moment I stepped in college I started experimenting with hair colours and various shampoos and hair gels & such chemical stuffs. And as a result, I am now freaking out over how thin my hair has become over the years. You guys wont believe how much of hair fall I got now. It became really really scanty compared to what I had those good days😔😔. I even have a fear that I may go bald soon 😆.
So now coming to the subject of this blog post, during my recent vacation in Kerala, I was just crying and complaining to my mom and grandmom of my excessive hair fall. They said ” It is really important to start treating hair loss as soon as possible if you want your hair to grow and not thin out”. I realize that a lot of it has to do with how I treat my hair, and it have not always been treated the best way.
And so guys, they taught me how to prepare a home made herbal Hair Oil. Both my mom n grandma, actually still practices this routine to daily apply this hair oil and massage well on their scalp. I know Hair Fall is one of today’s most common hair problems and so this video may help some of you guys to prepare this herbal hair oil. Have a look at this video on how I prepared and applied it.

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Thanks and cheers for a happy weekend 😉😊

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