How to wear a sweater dress in 3 ways

Hello beauties there,

Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend. My weekends as usual, fly by like crazy, it can never go relaxing and now I’m  sad to see it end too😞.

Anyways, coming to my today’s blogpost, the unpredictable thing about Dubai’s weather now is, it’s turning doubtedly chillier on some days. The other day, instead of cuddling up on my couch on that cold morning, I left home to City walk for some shopping and while leaving from home I had in mind this photoshoot on how to wear the same sweater dress from a very cold day to a warm noon. Since I wasn’t planning on trying a lot of things it wasn’t a pain to change the look from the dressing rooms of those shops there😉.

My Three Styling tips 

1. On a very cold winter day-

On that very cold morning when I wore this dress by teaming it with a pair of leggings and knee boots for a trip to those shops in City walk, this was such a perfect attire and it felt like I had my very own blanket😝. And in this look I just feel so glamorous and luxurious, that I really didn’t want to take it off😃😃

2. On a warmer winter day-  

The best feature of this sweater dress is that it can be easily transformed into different looks. I had a very good brunch there in one of my favourite coffee shops and on that afternoon when it turned to be a bit warm I could easily transform it by wearing it just as a simple off-shoulder short dress without any leggings or boots or scarf. I made the look very casual by just pairing it with my favourite leopard print ankle sneakers and Yayyy 😊now I felt more comfortable to run around in those shops. Believe it or not, those sneakers are really comfortable for all-day walking.

3. As an Office wear-

This dress keeps me so warm and I used to wear it as an office wear too. I tuck in this sweater dress as a top with my favorite pair of trousers and at times with a well fitted blazer or a plain black scarf and formal heels. Voila!! I got ready in a stylish office look.

This dress is comfortable, stylish and has a good warm fabric. With its off shoulder detail, this dress is a relaxed and feminine piece.
It is great for casual wear or work wear, depending on how to team it up. I love restyling same such piece of clothing from time to time in all weathers.

Hope you guys enjoyed these three styles that I took using the same sweater dress. Wish you all a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Till we catch up next, Stay Happy and stay Glamourous 😘😘

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the styling tips ! I really love to dress up , but am bit hesitant as thinking it would make me look funny , your posts are inspiring ! Much love <3<3


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Hey babe. Who said you’ll look funny my dear. In anything you wear you should just have that confidence, that you’re the queen 👸. You are such a sweetheart my love. Love all your insta posts too babe.


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