My latest crush-Crochet knitted Cape  

Hello my glam dolls, whatzap! Tell me guys howz your new year going so far ? Mine is just going well so far by God’s grace.

Today my blog is something about a wonderful piece of clothing – Crochet Cape style.
When I found this cape in one of the handicraft market long long back, I just grabbed it thinking -sometimes a knit cape is just the thing. And after almost a year while I was de-cluttering my closet recently, I found this piece lying in one corner and thought to style it with my Lagenlook oversized baggy jumpsuit (that i got stitched during my recent holidays) and with my favourite slip-on sneakers.

Okay so last weekend I went for a walk at City walk and I took it as a perfect opportunity to give my new cape a real test drive, and was wondering how would  it fare in cold conditions in Dubai? Result is “Just so perfect” for a not so cold winter evening. Yes in fact for me this Cape is just the perfect all-year-round piece

It’s a light and versatile knit and so it’s even perfect to throw over a summer dress on these kinda occasional chilly days in Dubai. And also my arms were actually free rather than stuck  in holes that restrict movement😝. Moreover this cape doesn’t have a lot of shaping, so it works up quickly with anything.

My styling tips
Am sharing here a few more of my styling ideas for a knitted cape-

1. You can wear it with jeans and a long sleeved top or tees, the sort of look I often adopt for everyday wear.

2. Pair a knit cape with leather leggings or pants for a nice mix of fabrics.

3. Pair your cape with over-the-knee boots, a skirt, and a fancy blouse for a peppy look.

4. My favourite style would be to pair it a black or white cape top with a destroyed(ripped) jeans and this will look really cool right

5. Add a long statement necklace and a floppy hat for some extra glam.

6. Wear a short cape over any long-sleeved shirt instead of a jacket.

7. How about adding a Belt to your cape . I think this look will be good as an office wear.

8. Try to add lots of jewelry and some colourful cool shoes to make a plain cape more interesting when paired with a plain dress .

9. In a cold winter evening try to wear it with a long boots and stockings

10. Also during really cold winters you can pair it with skinny jeans, boots and a scarf over a full sleeved sweater tee that keeps you more cozy. But I don’t think for Dubai winters this is required.

Tell me,tell me-

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Tell me how would you have styled this cape? Am so excited to get some styling tips from you guys. So let’s share our thoughts here in the comments section below.

Photo courtesy-
my bro Sherith. (Thanks a lot Sherith, for these amazing shots and this is my favourite one👇)

My style Mantra-

“Remember, each of us have every right to live a beautiful life. So Glam Your Life😉.”
Stay positive and have an awesome weekend everybody 😘😘.

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