My home tour 🏡 -Kerala

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my blog and this time my blog is not fashion-based. By now you guys might be knowing that recently I got my new home constructed in my most beautiful hometown Kerala. It’s not a big luxurious bungalow but a small, cute and cozy home 🏡 and haha you see, it has a riot of colours😛. So guys this time I’m sharing a sneak peek of my home tour.
Well, this home is designed by myself and honestly I’m not a degree holder in Architecture, but I just took a diploma in interior designing and architecture. Before I started fashion blogging and modelling I was doing freelance interiors work in Dubai which few of you might already be knowing and I have a page called “Style Your Interiors” where i have posted pics of few of my projects in Dubai….it has more of tips on home decorating gathered from various sources.
My dad is basically into interior designing and he has custom-made those amazing sofa sets and coffee tables of my new home. You know when I was a small girl, I always watched my dad’s amazing creativity on making something magnificent from something ordinary and all what I loved to do during my spare time of my school days was to make home layouts😂. So I can claim to have got this taste of designing, genetically from my dad😛.
The home structure is constructed by Maria Group based in Kannur, Kerala based on the drawings I have given them. And that amazing modern kitchen work is done by my friend Nirmal who is the owner of Orange pillar Interiors(Sunitha furnitures)based in Kannur. His team has done an amazing work. And those mindblowing wall arts are hand-painted by my Artist friend Preeth, can you guys believe it…No words for his talent.
Have a look at this video of my home tour😍. And hey, sorry guys…please excuse the quality of this video as it was shot on my IPhone😉 and I know I’m weak in editing 😛

And though I said this is not a fashion based blog, the dress which I wore for my housewarming is the first Ethnic-wear which I have designed by myself☺😉. It’s a high low dress and here’s a small video showcasing it….Have a look.

Cheers guys for a happy weekend 😊😊

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  1. Shabina says:

    Hi dolls
    Nyc house


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Thanks much dear😘


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