My BLOGGING journey + some advice to those who want to start blogging 

Hey hey I’m back to wish you all a very Happy New year 2017, and hope you guys have not forgotten me🙈😛Oh no please don’t judge me now, wondering where I was lost!! I’m holidaying with my family back in India & this time, it was difficult to find time for photoshoots as there was a big excitement of my life happening here, as we’ve got our home built here in Kerala, and got totally busy with preparations for my housewarming. I’ll definitely post a few pictures n videos of my new home in my upcoming posts.
Also I badly needed a break (from social media specially), maybe coz I have been posting blogs every Saturdays since the day I started my official blog website on 1st January 2016(oh yeah, happy 1st birthday Glam your life💥🎈🎁🎊🎉). Or maybe because I was really tired and turned off with a lot of responsibilities work wise, family wise, blog wise… etc etc. Anyways in any case lemme say that I’ve chosen a social media vacation to take my mind off things. I feel so relaxed now and at times we the bloggers,definitely need such “social media cleansing”. But hey, by this term I just mean taking a small break and not going away forever from all you lovely readers, okay!!
Now lemme take you all to today’s blog topic “My blogging journey“. That being said, I hope some of you, who may want to start a blog, find this helpful or informative.
Now honestly speaking, when I started blogging, though since many years I’ve always had a faint idea of where I would like to be in life( as a model or blogger) I can definitely say I was shying away from starting a blog due to the obstacles it seemed to present and some forms of naive embarrassment like facing family members specially my dad😛(well, now its my dad who supports me the best 😂 , he even accompanied me for doing photoshoots😛)
Though I kept blogging almost every week, there are times when I feel like a sweatshop worker, working super-hard with no real reward. As many of you maybe knowing, I am having a full time job in Dubai, plus I am a mommy of a little girl☺, so handling a part time blog too, sometimes becomes a hectic task for me in the sense I have to make a lot of sacrifices in my personal life in order to make my blog successful. I had been working on my blog instead of watching television, going to the cinema, or hanging out with friends.

For those readers who wanna start a blog- Not to discourage you guys, but please be informed a few realistic things about a bloggers life. You need to really get mentally prepared to face criticism and to handle jealousy and negativity specially from people whom we thinking may support us. I know its extremely hurtful and you even get so discouraged when such envious behaviour comes from your closest relatives, friends and colleagues.
See, I even have one or two people whom I have to face daily, trying to cause really uncomfortable situations trying to make me feel really bad for my success by criticising and insulting me on my blog posts by passing embarrassing and sarcastic comments but honestly I’m a very positive person believing that not just one or two envious person can stop me and destroy my self confidence. I keep reminding myself that they do this to me just coz I’m doing well🤗.
We cannot just blame anyone for this kinda behaviour as it’s just human psychology not to be able to digest when someone else turns successful. They feel so inferior before others success. In my previous posts also I have always mentioned to just be positive, thinking of the fact that people are jealous of you because you’re more successful than them.
When I started blogging I even thought fame will easily come knocking at my door. I really thought there are just a few bloggers here n there. But Reality is something else, there are around millions of bloggers around the world, in fact you’ll get a real picture from Instagram where you can see every girl there, is a blogger and every other guy is their photographer 😛😂😂😂. Haha and another dream I had while I started my blogging journey was that I will have millions of followers, but reality what I face is I lose followers faster than I gain them😬😬. At first I had sleepless nights thinking there was some bug in my page or my password was hacked that I was losing followers . But later I realised that we bloggers or social networkers have to be too consistent to keep our followers engaged. And I honestly don’t have time to do daily photoshoots and spend hours in describing about the shoot since I am engaged in many other things in life. And life is not just about getting dressed up and clicking pictures right? 😂
And I am sure that every one who is successful in life has struggled a lot this way at some point in their life. By the term “successful” I don’t mean just success for me or other bloggers, each of us have faced success in life in various ways right? Yes we all face these situations differently and what I just try to say here is just be prepared to face similar experiences and take life very positively. You just have to focus on your goals and aims. Just value your compliments than your criticisms. That’s it.

So, I have experienced all of the highs and lows that blogging has to offer. On that note lemme tell about my main Source of inspiration too- Of course you guys might be knowing it’s my husband who encouraged me so much to start blogging and he is super supportive of me from that time when I was really doubting on my ability to be a successful blogger.
Though those people whom I believe is close to my heart doesn’t support me much as expected, there are thousands of positive minded people like you guys. I would not be where I am today if you, my lovely readers wasn’t my support. And I cannot forget to thank enough my other fellow bloggers from all around the world specially in Instagram whose inspiring comments on all my posts means a lot to me. So yes I’ve been following and supporting plenty of other bloggers on Instagram and I am also being followed and supported by them too, so much. So all you new bloggers, please try be more active in Instagram for more inspirations.
Though I have to undergo all these huddles I believe I have become a more competent blogger because of it all. I made a lot of mistakes but by now it really had made me a kind of expert in my niche and the very act of that writing have helped me learn a lot about myself and my goals.
With the above note, I have been as up front as possible with my situation so that it can be helpful to you guys if you wanted to start a blog. All the best to you guys and if any of you wanna know anything more, please free to message me in my Instagram “Glamjigs”or on my Facebook page”Glam your life” or you can even email me at ” ”
Hope in this new year 2017 and forevermore, May God continue to guide and protect us. Also, as I am not able to reach out to more people via Facebook, follow me on Instagram for more regular updates and sneak peeks(@glamjigs).

My style advice-
Have fun creating your own look and let your style speak for you. On this note, as I always say… “Remember each of you have every right to live a beautiful life and so don’t forget to glam your life!! ”
Thanks once again to each of my readers for all your support and Glam your Life wishes you a very Happy and prosperous new year 2017 and may you all be blessed with a lot of fun, love, excitement, peace and aboveall a very good health not just this New year but forever.
Here’s a lookbook of my favourite pictures from the shoots done in 2016. Special thanks to all my Photographers for always clicking some amazing pictures( specially to Naveen and Sherith)☺️☺️.
Well, if any of you guys have completed reading this entire blog about my blogging experience, a very big thanks for your patience and valuable time😄😛😘😘😘

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  1. Linzz says:

    Happy First anniverssary .. 😊

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    1. RED Chilli says:

      Thanks a lot dear☺️


  2. Nice post Jigna…. all the best for 2017…. our journey will continue… Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RED Chilli says:

      Thanks much Naveen. Yes let’s always be the best team. Cheers for a happy new year🎊🎉💥💃💃


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