Bohemian shoot in my own design- Part 2

Hello my beautiful readers, hope you all are having a great weekend.

Coming to the blog post, the bold and beautiful beach shoot continued and this time I am featuring my second design which is a high low chiffon dress and I enjoyed every bit of the shoot, twirling and twirling in the sand like a kid😛 & enjoying the beautiful, beach breeze during the entire shoot. 

This yellow floral maxi dress with prints of brown leaves is perfect for Fall season and is a complete contrast to the pale & pastel colours of the sand in the beach. Also I picked this rich and vibrant palet of yellow to add a touch of sunshine. I think this golden yellow works well with the wonderful natural colours of the beach and the serene green backdrop to enhance the bold colours from the flowers in the dress.

Well you know, this dress is made with my Mom’s old saree…maybe around 15 years old one🙈. And well, I may have stolen this saree from my moms closet during my last vacation…sssshhhhh!!!. And probably when she may see these pictures she may tell me “oh Jiggy you remember I have a similar saree😛”

The saree was a graphic printed one which had a tricolour concept & the colour theme of this saree was ideal for a fall look. Always wanted to create a bohemian look which would blend well with the Fall season & this was my perfect ticket. So, the other day I sat down and tried to think of the look I wanted to project – something which was colourful and young with an old piece of cloth.

Now tell me guys how much do you love my sunflower headscarf ? To suit the Bohemian style of the shoot I felt it would create a bold and striking look with this flower scarf to both compliment and enhance the delicate detail on my dress.

As the golden yellow colour of this dress is so bright and vibrant, it creates a look of less is more. So I only added one sunflower headscarf to enhance the entire look that would give a bohemian touch. This shows that, even if on a tight budget, by using such vibrant colours and pieces, one can keep costs to a minimum whilst producing a stunning result. Don’t you guys agree?

Have an awesome weekend my lovely friends and I’m super excited to enjoy my Kerala vacation very soon. Next weekend I will be traveling and hence I may be away from blogging coz I may have a  busy life there this time with my new home designing💃. But definitely I will try to find time to write some blogs in between. Till next time, cheers guys. Enjoy your time😘😘

Photo credits: Sherith( marvellous work Sherith☺️. My favourite from amongst your beautiful captures in this shoot is⬇️)

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