Bohemian shoot in my own design- Part 1

Hello all my beautiful readers,

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week..

In Dubai, it’s about this time of the year, when it’s really not warm nor chilly, that since few days I started to daydream about a beach shoot while I was designing this simple black maxi dress. I’m definitely enjoying wearing skirts and long dresses even on this season.. A shoot with cool breeze, blue sea and even bluer sky sound like heaven right?

And, this is the time of the year that I take all the right to enjoy myself in this awesome weather here coz I hate peak winter… yucky cold weather is a no no for me.

Anyways back to fashion and clothes and all things bloggy😛Sometimes (these days very rarely), I started to design and create something of my own. Yes, as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I have entered into a collaboration (@glamcutz) with my sister and one of our family friend Jasmine, who is a designer. And yay💃 I too started to design but very simple dresses like this😉😉. I’ve started adding a few of my own designs to my wardrobe. Life is so busy these days, that I hardly ever get any time to do it though

This black dress is especially one I like coz its quite simple with sheer panels and splits. Great for holidays and perfect for strolling around the malls and dinner out.

Since there is nothing fancy in this dress I decided to spice things up a bit for this shoot and so I wore this with a blue asymmetrical cardigan, paired with some junk jewellery like this heavy statement neckpiece and that chunky bangle and OH yeah, have you guys noticed my nose ring✌️️. I kept my makeup really clean-Winged eye and some dark lips worked the trick for me. And apparently, the look turned to be a Boho look..Tada💃.

By now I have designed two outfits both with a Bohemian touch. So in this blog and next, I will be sharing designs of my own creation. Entirely, purely mine- Design, execution and of course modeling of the outfit too😊😊.

So I will post on next Saturday a blog featuring my next Bohemian dress!!
And hey before I wind up..also one more thing, I’m pretty proud of blogging game right now mainly coz of my Instagram supporters. You guys are killing it with your lovely messages and comments there and thank you to my insta family for all your love!!
So see you back here on next Saturday with the Part 2 section of my next Bohemian dress!!!! Cheers and have an awesome weekend ☺️
Photography: Sherith (Seriously though — sherith, this boho styled shoot is breathtaking. Thanks so much to You for sharing these gorgeous pictures with me! Even more than this, I am excited to post the next look😛. Well this picture is my favourite of all⬇️)

My Instagram: Glamjigs (scroll down here to get connected to my Instagram directly by just clicking on one of the pictures)

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