Style a Red skirt in 3 ways

Hello lovelies… how are you guys doing. Lemme ask, when you do shopping do you ever think about different ways to wear the same piece of clothing or end up wearing it the same way over and over again?
The reason why I ask you this is coz most of us think about just one way of wearing an outfit. So I thought of making a new series to my blog called “Style in different ways” to introduce different ways of wearing the same outfit. Here I would write on how to wear the same outfits in different styles in some practical and budget friendly ways with some simple hacks.

Below you’ll find the three ways that I have worn this fancy flared skirt. It’s beyond versatile right? For some of you this may sound like a courageous step but I tell you ‘Don’t be afraid to experiment things’.

1- Date night / ladies night 

The first is a cocktail date night – look where I pulled the skirt all the way up and there I have a cute tank dress for a perfect night out . I have a white chic heels for added oomph.

2- Brunch 

The next look is what I would wear out for a brunch or lunch. I love wearing knitted shrugs and for this look i again pulled the skirt up and paired it with a shrug. You can also wear it with a denim jacket. A pop of silver color on my bag is the perfect accessory when I’m on the go.

3- casual look

Last look is an outfit that I would wear for a day walking around outside or to a casual day of street shopping. Here i wore the skirt as a skirt itself and paired it with a spaghetti and my favourite fringe scarf to give this look some structure.

So now will you guys agree that owning a skirt piece like this makes your job of getting dressed and looking good a lot easier for different occasions!!!

I’m always looking for ways to strategically wear the same outfit in different ways, so if you guys have any opinions or suggestions you are always welcome.

PC: Sherith😊

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