Sporty glam look 

Heyya, What’s up you guys?
Welcome to cool breeze of the fall season you guys and gals! Though officially it’s autumn, in Dubai, autumn weather has not really set except during nights.

Now getting back to my post, tell me, are you a sporty person or into sporty chic? Coz my look for today has something to do with that. . It is a simple look which you could wear at any day. The sporty, chic trend has taken the fashion world by force this year. So I felt compelled to share a post featuring one of my favorite trend always – a casual street style sporty look.

Here I wore my over used blue and white striped spaghetti and laced denim shorts which I thought would look good with my newly sewed kimono( yes i got it stitched with some cut pieces lol) and It totally made the look when put together and don’t you think this well tailored kimono looks spectacular?

I couldn’t resist wearing it here…Again, the weather is not there yet for me to do so much layering, but I decided to wear this kimono because it gives a great cover. Also It gave me just enough warmth for this pleasant and mildly Chill Dubai evening.

Draping my new fringe bag in simple black has created a chic casual look and I completed the look by bottoming with a great pair of chunky heeled sports wedges and this shoes had been my most favourite ever since I bought it. I have been using it very roughly as it makes me feel more sporty and active and hence I get to move around more than usual.

My style tips 

Here’s a bit of my styling advice to ROCK a sporty look-

I suggest to have a great slim fit hoodie, a sleek cardigan or kimono or even a blazer to doll up or edge out the sporty look. Bottom it out with casual canvas kicks or street sneakers.

You can add a feminine touch with the belt and the off shoulder styling.

If you carry a cool back pack… wah.. it would be great to get a perfect college chic look or for an airport fashion look.

Anyways tell me guys how do you like my sporty outfit? Let me know by leaving your comments. I would really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless!
Photo courtesy: Sherith.

Till next time cheers and always stay glamourous !

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