Forget the rules, if you like it wear it. 

The other day I got a call from one of my friend’s asking me if wearing flat shoes for clubbing with friends was an absolute no-no; the reason being she is petite and she already bought a nude heels according to my advice on one of my previous blogs, but she was not comfortable to dance for hours in those heels. She expected some great advice from me, being a fashion blogger & all that, so obviously considered me an expert in the field right? Ummm I am not!!!
I have never considered myself  a ‘fashionista’. In fact, honestly I dislike that term itself.

Anyways, my advice to her was just one simple thing – “babes, wear what you are comfortable in. You don’t have to care that most of the other ladies in the club would be in sky high heels because that’s what they wanted to wear”.
I advised her this coz she may be the shortest person in the group, but I didn’t want my friend to look like a baby giraffe stumbling across the dance floor in those uncomfortable high heels. Tall or not, she should enjoy that party to the fullest..
Well guys, the blogs that i write is just what I like personally but I am definitely not making any fashion rules there, okay. Maybe what I like is something that you may dislike. And maybe some of you may consider my blogs as ill-advised blogs 😛. Well there’s no harm in expressing your honest opinion to me so that I can correct myself☺.
And hey, not only to my friends, but to each of my readers my advice is the same – Please wear what you love and what you are comfortable in. No matter how many tips and suggestions I post on my blogs about what to wear, there’s really only one rule of style I truly promote:
Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it.

Unless what You like to wear is offensive, uncomfortable, or inappropriate for the situation , why shouldn’t you just wear what You like? See first of all I want all my friends and readers to strongly ask yourself these questions-

So what, if “someone else doesn’t like it”?

So what, if it’s “against the rules of fashion”?

So what, if it’s “not in style”?

Even if people have seen you in the same outfit hundred times, even if you are unsure of what others will be wearing to the same event you are going…Just wear what makes you feel good! Are you a jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl to wear for a clubbing, then wear that!
Well, I recently decided to ignore all that nonsense fashion rules that people created and I wann all my readers also to ignore all that. My only rule is wear anything whatever you love and whatever you are comfortable in as there’s nothing worse than going somewhere in an outfit that you’re pulling up, pulling down, or just plain uncomfortable in.
Even i face such situations many a times. For instance, even though I work for a fashion based company, and aboveall, despite me being a fashion blogger and get ‘dressed up’, while going to office I am a bit of a lazy dresser. It’s not I’m not that into dressing up, or I don’t know how to put an outfit together. It’s just that most days, I would rather hold on to a few more precious minutes of sleep, than wake up earlier before 5 am, put together a great fashionista look, and do my own hair and makeup… blah, blah, blah. And many of my colleagues even ask me why don’t i dress up in the way i dress up for my blogs. Come on I have a lot of time constraints, waking up early handling my morning family routines, my daily fitness activities, get ready and rush to office…etc etc. All I want to reply them with a mere smile is ” Its okay, this is how I like to dress up at work”

Moral of the story-

“Just be yourself. Each of us are already beautiful. Own it and be thankful to god for such a beautiful life we have. And we all have every right to live a beautiful life in our own ways. Love yourself and Glam Your Life in the way you like “.

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  1. Jigna very nice post…. Well said…. My Favourite…. All the best


    1. RED Chilli says:

      Thank you so much Naveen. ☺️


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