A walk in NEON Heels in 3 styles

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend.
Well, tell me, do you guys like neutral colours or love to be colourful?

I love colours. But dressing up in neutral colour or being in too much of multi colors from head to toe is something which does not suit my style. We all know matchy-matchy is OUT! Now it’s a trend of mismatching.

Summer is almost ending and so thought to post a blog on summer’s hottest trends – Neons. This is also kind of my last summer look guys.
I sometimes get overwhelmed by Neons as they are not something very common and they can across so loud and bold. For this reason Neon is definitely not for the timid. Adding neon color to your look is one of the best ways to make a great summer statement. A little bit of Neon helps to brighten up any outfit.
Considering these factors , I thought I would go for styling a neon sandals with these two simple, plain black and white dresses. Don’t worry about matching the bright color, this look is all about the contrast.

I chose these plain dresses to be paired with Neon heels here as without some colourful shoe to accent these outfits, they may appear boring. I think a neon touch to any outfit brings a bold statement to it. It’s so fun to spice up an otherwise neutral outfit with some bright colors. It adds a generous splash of color to a plain and simple outfit like these.

Now tell me friends, what do u think of neon trend – hot or not?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Linz says:

    You looks super cool in neons


  2. Linz says:

    You look super cool in neons..😊


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