The festival of flowers🌼🌸- Onam(with family)

A very Happy Onam to all Keralites around the globe… or rather Belated wishes as it was last week😛. For all non-keralites who don’t have much of an idea on Onam, here’s a bit of information, but do google this South Indian festival for more elaborated details.
Onam is related to Kerala’s harvest festival and this festival of flowers and is celebrated in August-September. Also it is one of the occasions that have received global popularity for its rituals steeped in tradition.
Well, these days Kerala’s dressing for Onam has been accepted positively in fashion circuits too. And oh yeah! me being a keralite during this occasion, chose this classic off-white ‘Set Saree’ with wide golden border which is the traditional way of dressing , also known as ‘Kasavu.’

It is the traditional color that is worn during this occasion. I think this matching color blouse that I wore which is same as of the saree’s color is a good choice. Somehow I personally don’t prefer to wear colourful blouses with this master piece saree.

The commonly taken hairstyle by Kerala girls is to leave the hair and since in Kerala, Onam is during monsoons, they can manage to leave their hair. But in this hot weather in Dubai, I thought to go for the 80’s style 😛 and so I opted to tie my hair into a side braid and gave a little trendy style by spiralling some jasmine flowers around the braid to complete the hairdo.Now if you are not keen on wearing a saree for Onam, my dressing suggestion would be to opt for skirt and blouse like that worn by my sister and daughter in these pics or even more trendier would be to opt for maxi dresses. But just make sure they have the Kasavu border to keep the look traditional for Onam.

Ok, now coming to my accessories, I looked up to the Bollywood celebrities way of wearing Onam sarees🙈😛 so went for these big earrings and Kundan stone necklace and added a couple of bangles to complete the look.
That’s all my beautiful divas- This is how my family got dressed up to celebrate Onam.

Before I wind up, here’s a bit about my new photographer Asif Shan who did this amazing shoot. We loved this unique family photo session with Shan. How resourceful of Shan to have selected my home as the location for Onam shoot as the weather wasn’t cooperating to go for outdoors. The way his camera lights were put up around the corners of my living room was so interesting. This session is also the perfect combination of posed shots and candids.

One thing I really liked about Shan was how strongly he valued my family. We were 100% comfortable being ourselves in front of the camera, and it’s clear from these pics that we enjoyed this photosession a lot.

Thank you Shan for a beautiful and memorable Onam photosession. Friends, please follow his page “ASN fotografia” to get to know more about his work.

Cheers guys and catch up on next Saturday. Love you all😘

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