EID with an unique Arabic touch

Lemme start this post with an advance Eid wishes to you and your family for a Joyous and a Happy Eid. “Eid Mubarak all my lovely readers ”

Yes..it’s that time of the year again when everyone is on the lookout for that special Eid outfit & I’ve always wanted to do an Eid inspired blog post so this blog is all about these 2 interests coming together.

Recently, I met this girl AYA AlJawhari, who is from Palestine, a designer and the founder of “EVAYA”. Aya is all of 24 years old and one of the youngest fashion designers in Dubai. Graduated in 2014, this budding designer began her fashion career as a founder of Evaya Collections. From there she has been invited to conduct many fashion runways and now Aya is popularly known in Dubai as the designer of evening  gowns.

So this is Aya and her work is primarily based on the idea of developing Palestinian handicrafts. Here are some of the pictures when I tried on three of her evening collections to create an Eid inspired lookposts.
1st look
Oh..I love this lovely pink and black garment, one of my personal favourites from her collection. The skirt with the Arabic scribbled illustrations is Aya’s unique design and this particular design of hers is taking the Arabic fashion industry by storm. The blouse here is a very light stretchable material which seems to well fit any body type and comes with a golden belt… I can’t stop saying that I simply love this outfit💕💕.

2nd look

Here I have tried a beautiful Palestinian embroidered dress which is incredibly intricate, and can you believe that the entire embroidery is done by hand. Aya took six months to complete this Palestenian tradition inspired handwork on this dress😱…. Such an effort she has put to create this beautiful piece

3rd look

I love the simplicity of this custom-made dress, and what really attracted me to this gown is the unique and luxurious silhouette of this outfit. I bet anyone would look nothing short of flawless in this beautiful floor-grazing gown with rich sequins work on it.

For more of her collection check her Facebook page.


What do you guys think of her designs? Do you have a favorite from the ones I tried?

I wish Aya every success in her fashion career and Im pretty sure she will reach international levels and recognition beyond the ‘Arab World’.
Photo courtesy- Ashifshan(hey Shan. Great job!! All the pics are good )
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Cheers guys and once again wishing each of you a very Happy Eid and let’s catch up on next Saturday with a special post. Yes it’s gonna be something different. So don’t forget to check. Ciao.

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  1. Wow….. Very Nice Jigna….. Makeup and photography is perfect

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RED Chilli says:

      Thanks much Naveen. ☺️


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