The Monochrome game

Hello all my lovely readers,

How are you doing? Hope everything is going well.

So yeah, today’s post is about one of my favourite combination that i believe will always be in fashion which is “black and white”. So, here it  goes, this post is dedicated to the – The monchrome game.

If someone would ask me which is that colour I would choose when I have to have a look created effortlessly, I would arguably say, one of the most classic pieces I will have in my wardrobe is a black and white outfit😊.

Yes my friends, as you can see in these pictures this super comfortable black and white offshoulder culottes jumpsuit from ZARA is not only on-trend now but totally classic and its wide legs never fail to look super cool. It’s such a comfy jumpsuit too and fits perfectly.

My favorite thing about such outfits is the easy switch from a day wear to an evening one!

And so I created two looks here.

Day Look- I dressed the corporate way – when you need a quick confidence boost and you’re short on outfit ideas. To give it a professional touch I paired it here with a black stiletto from Nine West like in this look to get that edgy touch and carried a massive black bag from Michael Kors. I made this look more interesting by adding a white watch from Storm and finished the look by wearing my favourite Bvlgari shades.

Dinner look- There are days in my life when I receive an unplanned invitation for a quick dinner or night out with girls💃. So here I could not wait to wear this outfit to create an evening look. So from that classy and chic corporate look this jumpsuit became evening-appropriate. For an evening look I thought this monochrome jumpsuit would look great with colourful accessories. So to add a bold touch to this black and white piece I got accessorized in Red. Here I carried a red sling clutch with a simple Red choker and to complete the outfit I paired it with a red peephole heels.

Okay so when a red clutch and lovely heels are added to complete the outfit…how easy it was for me to transform from a Day look to an evening-appropriate one.
I would love to know how you guys would style a monochrome piece. Please add your views in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Love you all and see you on next Saturday.


PC- Naveen. Thanks Naveen. Here’s my favourite pic this time.

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