What’s in my office bag 👜

Hola ladies! How you all? All good I hope!

Well today I’m gonna give you an update of what’s in my bag.

This bag from H&M is such a huge bag that almost my entire world fits in it! No, seriously!

So here are some of my bag essentials, handy things that makes a girl’s life easier…

Bag Organiser- 
Yes its the bag inside bag. This will be the magic item that keeps the inside of my bag very organised. So the first and probably most important thing in my bag is this bag organiser which makes life easy. And I suggest every working ladies should have a Bag organiser in your office bag.

Here’s a clear idea on how to arrange things in it and how it looks like when you put it in your bag.


The second most important thing in my bag is my Phone. Not only I use it for making calls or to listen to music but majorly I use it for preparing notes for my blogs and even all my editing work I do on my Iphone. I specifically like Iphone for its IMovie function where I can edit my videos while on my metro ride home. It is also my substitute for a camera, to capture my selfies and to play with those funny snapchat filters🙈 .

Headphones –

In case you don’t know by now, I’m an absolute audio junkie. I love my music more than I love ice cream😋 and when I drive, I love to blast music in my car. And if I take a metro ride to home I need a headphone to listen to Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber. Isn’t it always nice to listen to some music while you are traveling ?

Power Bank/Back Up Charger – 

As i told in my previous point,I am someone who always uses phone, so having a back up charger is crucial. An Iphone can only hold so much power and there’s nothing worse than my cell phone dying in the middle of the day. Instead of worrying about conserving its battery power its always better to carry a back up charger.

Tiny shiny Wallet for Cash-  

That little sparkly small wallet is quite small but it’s the perfect size to carry a little cash and few coins in.

Credit card and other essential cards-

It’s always crucial to have on hand the card holder for any aspiring career woman.

A big wallet-

Now I have to say I love this RC wallet as it was a gift from my best friend and my most favourite color Red, making it easy to find whenever I need it. In this I put my tiny cash wallet and card holder.


See I am not paranoid about germs, still I carry this small bottle of sanitizer which is very handy. It’s always a good idea to carry round some antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep your hands nice and clean. As most of the time i travel by metro and I know everyone’s immune system is not that strong and so is mine. I get sick very easily. And hence i always carry panadol/ paracetamol to be on the safer side.


Sorry here the tissue was getting over due to which I have no pic to be shown. But yes

I always carry tissue with me as they are definitely multi purpose!


After long working hours where you are on heels and by end of day When your heels turn into weapons of mass destruction😫, then you need those flats or flip flops. Also It saves my feet from painful blisters. I have stocked a lot of high heels under my desk so don’t have to wear it to work. In my metro travel to work, I am on my flats to walk till my home and when I drive to office, I am usually in my heels.

Sunglasses/ cap/ hat

Yes I know my future’s so bright you gotta wear shades😛. Well, I rarely use that cap and its from my favourite store Armani exchange.


You think this point is pretty self explanatory …yes I will never forget keys !

How will I forget keys to get back in my car and/or house at the end of the day.
USB/ thumb drives

Thumb drives is a must for me to store various data. I usually carry one or two thumb drives with me at all times. And the ones that I have are too small and can easily get lost. So I have put them on my keychain alongwith other keys

I believe “good food=good mood” .

Healthy snacking is a must to keep me full and satisfied in between meals. Oh now by the end of day whats left in my bag is only these unhealthy biscuits. Yes I daily carry some healthy snacks too like dry fruits to get me all nutrients. And if I don’t keep munching something in between, then in meetings I only think about food😛 and in my mind only one thought will be there”why the hell is this meeting not getting over. Am hungry👿”.

Chewing Gum / cardamom 
Again, pretty self explanatory why we need this. I always chew cardamom after lunch or when my lunch had some red onions, Nothing worse than realizing that even after repeated mouth wash, I can get that onion smell.
Notepad and pen: 

To jot down my daily work to-do list. And ofcourse to make some shopping list😛.

Deo and perfume- 

Do I even have to mention that a perfume and deodorant is a must to smell clean and fresh. Obviously I can’t leave home without applying deo soon after my shower and spraying my favourite perfume on my clothes. Also I carry it to my office as I want to feel as fresh as possible till end of the day at work so I love touching up deo and perfume. And thats my favourite perfume – Elie Saab

Make up: 

For lunchtime touch-ups. It’s important to always look fresh-faced for presentations and meetings. I always take the lipstick that I’m wearing to touch up. I also carry a compact, but very rarely use it for touch ups from office.

So there we have it, the essentials that I will be carrying around in my office bag. With these items, I can get through my day comfortably and fashionably! Do you think there is anything else I should add to my bag that you consider as work bag essential? Also can you share with me what is in your bag?

Well here I am sharing a few pictures of how my office work station looks like☺. I’m also a freelance interior designer and has another page called Style your interiors where i have uploaded a few of my interior designing work. Anyways this is how i have designed my work station and made it look a bit colourful and serene as I spend almost 10 hours of my day here. So yes I had to make it quite interesting 🤗

Hope you enjoyed this post of “essentials of a ladies bag”. Catch up on? next Saturday with another blog post. Enjoy your weekend and have a very happy week ahead.

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @glamjigs.


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