Poolside posing🙈

Hello my glam dolls. How’s summer treating you all? Well, I for one, would never stop partying even if the heat is killing me. Now guys, sorry… I know that my look in these pics ain’t pretty.
Ordinarily, as a fashion blogger, I am supposed to show you all the glamorous pictures in my fancy outfits. Last weekend, which was a 4 days Eid holidays long weekend, I was supposed to go for a proper blog shoot, but never go around to it as I was totally enjoying it just being with friends and family with back to back partying and get togethers. So please excuse my hungover face and zero expressions in these pics. Aboveall these pics were shot at 6 am in the morning when my daughter was all excited to go for swimming and I was still in sleep mode but was dragged to go with her😴😴. All what I went is for bolder lips and excuse my messy hair too.

Everyone knows that the best way to cool off on these long summer days is to lounge poolside with a cold drink. The summer heat is rising in UAE and what better way is there to beat the heat than by diving into a cool swimming pool. Ok now to all my readers there who thinks I actually dived, NO!!. I am afraid of swimming. It might not sound like a big thing to some people but it gets to me.

So here in this post I am not going to talk too much about swimming and its benefits as its something that I hate and I am paranoid about it thinking that chlorine may run through my veins😛. So lemme talk a bit about this side slit maxi dress. Maxi dresses are an absolute must for the sunnier months and this printed piece is just gorgeous.

I love this elegant cotton Maxi dress because it’s light, flowy and covered in a tropical print that comes across as effortlessly glam and its perfect for summer.

Originally it is a long maxi dress and my favorite detail on this dress is the double side slits. But I simply couldn’t resist making it into a dress suitable for a pool side by just tying the edges of the slit and shortening the length of it.  I don’t feel contained with its long length and by doing this I can show a little leg, making it a bit flirty.

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