Ankriya- My first designer wear shoot👗

Hello my beautiful readers!!!

With today’s growing demands in clothing & fashion industry, its no surprise as to why there are so many aspiring fashion designers wanting to share their unique concepts and designs to the world. Unfortunately some of these designer wears are not affordable for everyone and may not be functional, versatile and / or comfortable. In response to this concern of mine, Mr Vynathea, (the founder of a Premier branding and PR consulting firm in events, travels and fashion -Leisure Al Mode), I was told about this truly passionate fashion designer and illustrator – Pooja Mankhani, the owner of Ankriya Couture.   

Since then, I’ve had a chance to visit Pooja’s boutique in Dubai and meet this incredibly talented & down-to-earth entrepreneur. While I was there, she pulled out a number of her self designed outfits… they were stunning, impressive & immaculately designed that I tried out on many of those designs which had interesting colour mixes including lime green, red, purple and yellow alongside the more basic black and white. The boutique features more of indo fusion pieces but also sports casual and smart pieces. So today, this look is from my ‘Ankriya look’ from the collections of Ankriya Couture.

Now a little bit on Pooja, I can say she is a true DESIGNIST (designer cum stylist!!) who follows her heart & passion. Its rare to come across such humble yet strong minded people whose work allures as much as their charisma.

It has been amazing so far & I consider this as the beginning of my style and fashion journey with Ankriya… this look just a preamble of much more to come!

So what are you waiting for. Visit her store and grab from her line of unique pieces, and be prepared to look like a global citizen!

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed this look and I promise to come back with many more Beautiful pieces from Ankriya COUTURE as we walk the style miles ahead! Do share your views on this look in the comments section below!

Photo courtesy: Sherith

Makeup by my lovely friend Swaroopa(will post a video soon on my makeup done by her)

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