Now… don’t think that I’m in the army!!😜

Today I’m going to tell you about my never ending love for street shopping and the best person I love to shop with, whether in Malls or on streets is none other than my friend Janice. I call her my BEST shopping partner as she gives me a proper retail therapy. She knows exactly what I like and what may suit me well. Well, I love Mall shopping only when there is sale or as soon as I get my salary when I have enough money in my wallet😛. But otherwise I love street shopping.

Don’t you all agree that you don’t have to pay too much money for clothes to look good and smart. And guys you can make your own designs. Am planning to give some tutorials on how to recycle your old clothes. Also i will soon post a blog on why to spend money on only brands.

Anyways coming to my street shopping…few weeks back I went for street shopping to Deira market with Janice and this material with camouflage print was picked for me by her to make a short dress.

You know, I earlier found this pattern overly masculine, quite ugly and a pattern that is associated with armed conflict. Actually, I absolutely hated it at first & when she insisted to buy it and to get it tailored for one of my blog post, I looked like a “melted ice cream cone” -I felt so confused & wasn’t too sure at that point. But I trust her opinion. I know camo ain’t for everybody, but she knows I’m a stickler for fancy hunting prints. So I told myself “The sky’s the limit, and the point of the trend is to look unexpected and unique. So maybe this could turn out to be the PERFECT one”.

However, instead of making a dress I made a jumpsuit out of it with a front zip, based on my own measurements. Jumpsuits are something I can never get enough of ! Dress them up or down, they are eye catching either way. For the shoot I paired it with grey wedges, a camo scarf and a messenger bag to finish the look.

Now I like camo patterns as they look very “fashiony” and not authentic military or for hunting. And so I got excited to wear it for my blog post and I never thought that it would fit me so well. All thanks to Janice😘😘.

My style tips-

Camouflage trend is great because it evokes a wild, carefree, edgy vibe to your look.

You want to look street-style chic? Then Glam it up by curling or teasing your hair,  or by wearing red lipstick or blingy chandelier earrings. Or if camouflage jumpsuits are a little too bold for your taste and you wanna Juxtapose your camo prints with a girly ensemble, then I feel it would look equally chic with a simple maxi dress, pink or purple jeans, a patterned skirt and cropped top, or even just skinny jeans with a fabulous pair of heels or with a bow headband, and some fancy jewelry(Maybe one day I will end up liking jewelry😛). Its always good to have one surprising element to an otherwise formal look. It speaks about your personality.

Tell me, tell me-

Now I am very eager to know what’s you favourite from these camouflage clothing items – military jackets , button down shirts, t-shirts, knitted tops, casual pants, shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses and blouses. Also lemme know what you guys think of my this look !!

Thanx for stopping by. Have an awesome weekend and till next time, C-ya!!!

Photo credits- Sherith

Outfit details- 

Jumpsuit- self designed.

Shoes- Zanotti

Watch – Bulova

Messenger bag- Jimmy Choo

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