🌼Summer blooms🌺

Hello my folks… like I’ve already told you, my style is not just about brands. Of course I love branded stuff but I like unique pieces more and so I mostly shop from exhibitions and fairs. You don’t need high end brands or spend lot of money to look stylish. I know sometimes I am also cursed with an expensive taste for the finer things in life but you know, money can’t really buy you class. One can have an amazing style quotient without the pricey swag. Every one has a personal style and it might not appeal to everyone.
So, this time for the blog I thought to style something that my mom in law had gifted me during my visit to India recently- the long Indian skirt. Oh she understands my taste very well and her choice is always good( I know you all will agree to it as she chose me as her daughter in law😝😂😂😂)


Anyways coming to the outfit, I love the unconventional print on this skirt and the material is super soft and comfortable! And aboveall don’t you all agree that the long Indian skirts are super feminine too and they don’t need any excessive accessories to style up the look.

This skirt is so summery and I love the prints in it and the color. For this outfit I felt it important to pay attention to the little things like a different hair style and so I went for a messy braid. To pretty things up with a more feminine touch I added these bright yellow and white floral Hair clip and a pink and white scarf as reflectors. To complete my look, I wore my trusted transparent pumps and I was done for the day.

My style tip-
The long Indian skirt can be easily transitioned from a day to night look staple for all the working fashionistas out there. Style it with flats for comfort during day time and add heels to the look in the evening to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Add a bold lip color for the evening look and you are ready to go! The general perception is that only tall people look good in Skirts. I believe that if styled appropriately any body type can carry the long skirt in style .


Tell me, tell me-
Long skirts are beautiful, sophisticated and perfect for keeping you cool during the hot summer temperatures. It is important though, to combine them with the right top, so it doesn’t look religious, outdated or plain boring.
So tell me what top would you pair it with?IMG_0997IMG_1009IMG_1018


“Remember, you have every right to have a beautiful life. So Glam your life”

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