Some casual sophistication !!

In UAE, we’ve been having some blah weather lately & I’ve been veering towards casual comfort with bright, colorful outfits to add a little cheer. That’s when I picked up this punchy electric blue blouse from my wardrobe to get ready for a casual shoot and this is one of my favorite looks to hang out on a weekend!




Most of you by now would have realized that I am a minimum accessories person specifically with jewelry… so here, I choose a simple scarf and a sun-glass rather than some spiky accessories. This scarf is my latest addition to my growing collection of scarfs and I love the combination of colors of this overall ensemble. I spotted these ripped jeans last year at BEBE while doing a bit of shopping and instantly fell in love. I’ve always been a gal who loves torn or ripped denim or leggings and now i am on hunt for a crisp clean white jeans to add on to my summer favourites. Any suggestions, anyone, for a pair of white ripped jeans which I could purchase from Dubai? Or maybe I may get one of my extra white denim ripped. My daughter for sure would love doing it😛. Remember the blog that I posted on the ripped leggings which she got done for me? Oh that was my favourite one.

DSC_3847DSC_3854DSC_3858DSC_3863My style tip-

If you want to create a bit edgy and at the same time sport-chic look , the perfect combination especially in the summer is ripped Jeans paired with a fancy top which can take you to any number of outdoor events and you can be very comfortable and look smart. Match your jeans with a basic white cotton T or checks or any other short sleeve shirt, which will be comfortable and reduce the amount of discomfort and sweat. And unlike me, if you love jewelry why not be more cool with some massive plastic jewelry as they are trending these days.DSC_3869DSC_3875DSC_3902

Tell me, tell me-

What do you think? You would wear this outfit in summer evening for a stroll in streets? . DSC_3918IMG_1025IMG_1026IMG_1039IMG_1041


“Remember, you have every right to have a beautiful life. So Glam your life”

Location: This pretty street where we took the photos is actually the quieter end of Creek park, Dubai

Photographer: Shiju

Outfit details

Ripped Jeans – Bebe  ||  Blouse – Promod   ||  Scarf -Random store at Dubai Outlet Mall  || Flat shoes – Dubai street shop   || Shades – Rayban

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