My daughter, My life

Photoshoot for me is always an exciting experience. It’s where I take my time, smiling and enjoying & let the creative juices flow while my photographers click away & create the best photos I can for them. Knowing this, before leaving from home for the shoot to Fujairah for my wedding anniversary last week, my bro Sherith who did our shoot told me to carry an extra pair of clothes and so this post is all about my appearance in a completely different outfit but yes, the location is the same.


I had planned on heading down there for a very long day of taking photos in hopes of not only capturing great images with my husband, but getting some good shots done with my daughter too coz this week was “Mother’s day” week and this is tribute to let the world know that I am not just a happy wife but a happy mom as well.

Gosh, she is already growing so conscious of her posing & picture, like a lil girl model. The camera truly captures her personality; she inspires me too.. and sometimes I even forget the fact that I am a mom & she & I enjoy this just like good friends having lots of fun. Oh being a mom does NOT mean being older than your inner child, right?



Loved the shoot with her- we were just ourselves, not much of posing, mostly candid images were captured … I love candid images, and capturing emotions as those make most memorable photographs.



Anyways, as they say, mothering is the best job in the world. 🙄🤔🤔Not really true, they are the hardest. But I totally agree that the pain a mom takes is totally worth it😊. As any mom I cannot thank God enough for my daughter too. She completes our little family and I cannot wait to see her grow to a very strong and confident girl. And to tell when alone at home- “Hey you can’t scare me, I have a strong daughter Okay😡😝😝

Well, don’t you all agree that Family and friends are the most important gift we have in our lifetime. And this is why I love my Life.

Outfit details-

Speghetti top- Dorothy Perkins

Hat – Iconic

Shoes- Tory Burch

Hippie pants- Street shops(Bangalore, India)

Lace knitted cardigan- Online shoppping



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