Yes !!! Love lasts. Thank u destiny❤

Like last week’s post was all about sisterhood, today’s post is a special one too. It’s not really just a post about my styled shoot but more special as it features my wedding anniversary photoshoot. Yes, this weekend, my husband Shiju & I celebrated our wedding anniversary! Yayyy! We’ve made it so far 💃💃!! (after many failed attempts to make him pose for photos finally he agreed to strike some poses with me😛, i wonder why men hate to be posers🤔)._DSC0335_DSC0464_DSC0489

For the shoot we went for a small picnic to Fujairah and we discovered this mindblowing spot for the shoot. It was a stunning spot surrounded by the beauty of nature. And more than us our sweet lil girl was overwhelmed to pose. Oh yes, she loves the camera too & Shiju has only got to say”Like mother, Like daughter”🙈






Ok now lemme talk here a bit about our married life. Ours was an arranged-love marriage and we are both the same people on the inside even today as we were the day we met.
I see Shiju as God’s best gift to me, a light, a promise. He has always seen the inner me. My strength & determination to follow my dreams is all so much of his inspiration! Can u Imagine, he even made me a fearless person to be a blogger, seeing my passion to write and post pictures about fashion or anything that interests me in my life, as public as in the Internet? He is such a blessing not just in this but in every way in my life.IMG_0789IMG_0793IMG_0806


And the entry of our girl into our lives has opened our heart and mind to a whole new level of happiness, forgiveness, and true love.It’s amazing to see how fast years have gone by and still we feel we just have fallen in love! 🙈



So guys, I had such an amazing anniversary with the love of my life and looking forward to spending many more such wonderful years of my life with him….
Please Shower your blessings & love guys.

“Remember, No relationship is perfect and there will always be ups and downs in everyone’s life and that each person’s journey is different and so beautiful in its own way.”

Photo Credits : Sherith

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