Isn’t it a blessing to have sisters?

These pictures are from the photoshoot that unfolded one beautiful evening a few weeks ago with my beautiful sisters. For those who don’t know, I have no brothers, yes, no brothers, just two sisters. One of my sisters’ is based in Dubai and the other is settled in Bahrain ‘coz of which she couldn’t be a part of this shoot. Well, sisterhood is a magical bond, a love that transcends time & distances; they are your childhood partners in crime & your anchor during all those turbulence of life… Having sisters is a blessing indeed!!
Ok, so back to the photoshoot, in these pictures, one is my real sister- Jini (the one in blue flowers in her dress) and the other is my would-be sis in law, Namrata who has really been amazing to me and a very sweet friend. The shoot with them was so exciting & so comfortable… just listening to them, talking and laughing together made this shoot a fun -filled one.😊

I love the theme of black maxi dresses we three chose for this shoot with the bright and colorful floral prints in it, and our bond shine through in these images.
While doing this shoot I just got the loved & pampered feel of a Princess👸👸. So what I want to highlight here is, “You don’t need a Kingdom or a crown or a Prince to feel like you are a Princess! Just a Tiara (headband), confidence and a mind filled with happy thoughts… And Wallaah…. You turn into one pretty Princess💃 !!” Remember, each of you are gorgeous enough to be, whoever you want to be.


In this black flowy Chiffon dress with Lavender Blue flower prints, I felt so stylish and comfy that I also wore it for a Cocktail birthday party of one of my friends here in Dubai (no pics with me though). To add a bit of bling and a contemporary edge to the look in that party, I styled it with Buttoned Jacket with details of Lined sequins in it. The accessories I added were just a pair of antique gold earrings and a pair of Purple High heel Stilettos ‘coz I like to keep it all simple.

IMG_0520IMG_0526IMG_0530IMG_0552IMG_0554IMG_0557IMG_0558IMG_0561aIMG_0562 a


Thanks, girls! It was fun sharing our “sisterhood” with you smile. 🙂

Photo courtesy:   Naveen

Outfit  details- 

What I wore is  self designed. Namrata’s dress  is from Ms Poem, TDM. Jini’s is bought online.

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My ID is ” glamlifewithjigs “. )




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