Stop worrying too much about what others think about you !

 Hello my loves. I’m just back to Dubai after a beautiful vacation in Kerala. My mind is still there and I am just thinking of when my next vacation is😛. Aww, its tough to get back to the swing of things here😞.
Well this time my blog post is a bit different. Just wanted to share my viewpoint on how to deal with situations when you are worried too much about what others may think about you.

Tell me, are you constantly worried about what your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers in the street might think about what you do in life? -There’s nothing wrong with that: it’s part of emotional intelligence, and it’s a good thing. But then you’re using up a huge amount of energy worrying. Why should one give up a dream just because you are afraid of what someone else might think of you. You’re probably holding yourself back from your real goals.

I used to deal with similar fears, especially when I was living in my hometown. Now living in Dubai for the past 12 years, I’m allowing myself to be at ease with who I am and learning to be at peace with myself and all around. Being in Dubai and being surrounded by people chasing their dreams, has helped me to realize that people really don’t care that much about others. If you look around, you notice that most people are in their own world, they have their headphones on, or reading books, or sleeping, or on their mobiles, or talking to their friends… They have more things going on in their own busy lives than to worry about others and judging random people in public.

Anyways, I have got few suggestions to get rid of such social fears. This is a tough habit to get out of – but these tips should help.

1) Be Less Judgemental – Let’s not be too judgemental on what others do. For example, earlier I used to judge and sometimes even criticize on someone’s clothing, but then I always had an internal fear of others to be judging my clothing as well. And now I am way happy when I started abstaining from making judgements on others dressing. Give space to other’s to be who they are, and you will receive ample space in return.

2) Focus on your body language – when you greet people, stick to a confident posture, assertive tone and keep a smile on your face and you will find them judging you positively. Something that really helps me feel better around other people is to keep your chin up and head held high. It’s a major confidence boost. It may be beneficial to ask a few people you trust for an honest and critical opinion of you.

3) Accept That You Can’t Control What People Think. So let them think – When I used to meet someone, I was constantly scanning the other person, seeing if I’m meeting their expectations. I felt they’re always slightly displeased with me. I think too much on what my bystanders would think of me and I now realised that in today’s world no one is a saint and people would mock or insult me, and I don’t know what the hell they talk about me. To overcome this fear, you know what I did? – In the back of my mind there’s always a tiny voice whispering- ” It doesn’t matter what they think”

So guys, just be yourself and people will like you and if they don’t, then that’s their fault.

“Remember, you have every right to live a beautiful life. So glam your life.”

Photo courtesy:  SS Fashion photography (Shiva)

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