A sunset full of memories!

For me there’s nothing nicer than spending a summer evening at the beach in my hometown (Payyambalam Beach, Kerala) watching the sun go down. It is by far, my most favourite place and I personally have a soft spot for this beach since it is located right across my school where I spent a good 12 years and have a bunch of great memories associated with this beautiful beach .

Also me & my family have been spending most of our evenings here as it’s closeby to my home….. this beach has the most beautiful and mesmerizing sunsets I have ever seen, with colours ranging across the horizon in a wondrous display. Also during my vacations, my whole bunch of friends gather here 🙈… & aboveall it was a dating spot for me & Shiju (my hubby😛) and our pre wedding shoots were all done here. So for me this beach has some unlimited, heartfelt memories .

Well, for this shoot, I had a super fun time as it was with my best friend Pinky who has also come to India now for her holidays from Muscat. We were so excited as we were meeting each other after a year and we filmed a fun collab. The endless blue water & dark rocks make it a versatile location to make unique photographs. So here are some pictures from the evening we spent together at the beach, posing & taking selfies. 😀

😛🙈 Haha! Oh well, Hope you guys are all having a great weekend.










_DSC1600Photo Credits- Shiju

Outfit details –

Dress – BHS  ||  Bracelets- Accesorize


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