A tribute to the gentle giant -the elephant.

This time I got a chance to strike a pose with the most beloved creature here in Kerala which is also the symbol of the state: the Elephant.

_DSC1408 (2)_DSC1414 (2)

His name is Prasad and I guess he maybe of my age as when I was a kid, he was brought as a Baby Elephant to one of the temples closeby to my home (most of the Kerala temples own an elephant and they are the main attraction of the most elaborate and exotic temple festivals in Kerala). As a baby, he was damn cute and so adorable making it impossible not to like him with his cute antics!!
Don’t you think Elephants are really impressive animals? I’m sure you all will agree. _DSC1415_DSC1419 (2)

This time, I felt he had become weak and I was not allowed to go,touch him n pose with him. His caretaker also narrated some of the incidents where he had become violent recently… so I didn’t take a chance. I barely could take any good pictures with him. It was really disheartening that this had happened to such a gentle animal._DSC1427
_DSC1432 (2)
I miss those days when as a cub he used to play with all the kids of my neighborhood. He used to be a very harmless character who was given a lot of love & affection by everyone, especially the kids. Uffff he was such a pampered baby…how cute he was. _DSC1434 (2)_DSC1394


This time around, I witnessed how heartlessly some of the caretakers were treating their animals. So heartbreaking. I urge you all, to please take a stand against the inhuman treatment of elephants(not only elephants….Against any living being.) Let us all do our bit.



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