My best Holi memory

A very Happy HOLI week to all my gorgeous readers. Well, to those of my non- Indian readers, if you don’t know what Holi is, here’s a brief on our colorful festival – Holi is also known as the festival of colours. It is celebrated in India where people are drenched in vibrant coloured water and powders creating a joyous & jubilant mood.

Well guys, this year’s holi is super special for me as its not only going to leave colours on my clothes but is definitely going to add more colour to my life. Lemme tell you why- I was captured in the most fancyful holi shots by someone special, someone I admire hugely & with whom it has been an honour to work with… His reputation precedes him & his work needs no introduction having established a name that is well respected & admired…. His work already has a portfolio that is an amazing collection of pure art & skill that anyone may envy. As most of you know, I love photography and fashion, and basically anything a bit creative. Ever since I started blogging there are so many photographers that I religiously follow as I like a lot of different styles of photography. Dubai being a fashion hub, where there are endless talented photographers blooming, he is one of the most sought after and leading fashion photographers of many … And of course, more proudly, he is an Indian…..Shiva!!!_K5A6098_K5A6101_K5A6102_K5A6103

Our first meeting was for coffee at Starbucks in Burjuman a few days ago, and throughout the entire conversation he consistently impressed me with his extraordinary photography passion & obvious talent. Despite his fame & talent, Shiva’s most endearing quality remains his humility… Shiva is a very simple and sober person, though the lifestyle associated with a fashion photographer is very glamorous and exciting. His words were deeply inspiring -he has a thoroughness & love for his work that is exemplary … he is simply too good at what he does (I bet he deserves to be an award-winning photographer)._K5A6106_K5A6115_K5A6123We instantly bonded, and I was overwhelmed when he planned a styled shoot featuring me on his page for this year’s Holi. It’s like my dream come true to be shot by him!!!. By Gods grace, what more do i need.
I love Shiva’s style of photography.. and I can’t wait to interview him and feature more of his work and autobiography on my blog. It’s going to be awesome!!! Right now, I’m so very excited to get modeled for his style shoots. _K5A6184_K5A61949aac4186-9d3b-4c96-8564-4308168408ec

For more information please check out Shiva’s website:
And his FB page –

The shots turned out wonderful and exactly as one can imagine HOLI to be! He not only got me caked in Holi colours, but included my daughter and husband too. 19d8ecbe-63ce-4468-adba-1a6d36b4dbf2ad1901fa-5a4a-4d57-8e5c-cd30fc6390fadd643d38-a323-42b6-bf2d-fda7a8344ba4e2909936-6c99-44e1-a564-5a2ea6063ec9b5509fb2-bf41-418e-983f-d5173d86e8c2ecfaae59-ee4e-4091-8f98-0d8365161eb7


Once again Glam your life wishes everyone a very Happy and safe Holi. Stay blessed and take care of your skin too while playing with colours😛.

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  1. Very Nice Jigna….. Cool Clicks…


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