Oh oh oh my Dog!!!

Someone recently told me about Cycle Safe Dubai which is an awesome platform that brings together cycle enthusiasts across Dubai. On a cold Friday morning, we planned an early start to enjoy the Dubai winter wind and to get an unobstructed ride on the Dubai roads. On reaching the destination, we stopped at a nearby cafeteria to have breakfast and as I was sipping on my coffee, I was startled at something cold at my feet and I screamed out loud when I saw a lil tail wagging below. It was a cute lil doggy licking my feet!!! & me being not a huge dog-lover, I was ready to bolt from there. But lil Coco had other plans, he paced around me in that cute trot of his and in no time this lil charmer had me swooning!!! I was in love!!!



I met his owner and she happily gave me consent to let him model with me. We headed to the cycling path to start the shoot…. you guys will laugh to hear my photographer commenting that Coco posed better than me.
Strangers approached us smiling. Everyone who saw Coco instantly beamed. Not just at him, but at me too, for bringing this beacon of delight into their day.
He was an absolute sweetheart, the calmest, sweetest dog I’ve ever seen. The air was fresh and he ran around free, smelling everything and was a perfect poser too._DSC6967_DSC6973IMG_9382IMG_9399IMG_9407IMG_9416IMG_9420IMG_9424
I forced myself not to get emotional when it was time to leave him.IMG_9430IMG_9431
On reaching home I was excited to share my Coco episode with my daughter, however to my surprise my daughter started shedding happy tears and was overwhelmed to express her desire to own a puppy. I somehow convinced her on my decision if I ever needed a dog, borrowing one would be my only option in the present circumstances. But for sure one day I’ll get her, her very own puppy.
Photo credits – Naveen
Outfit details-
Short Kurti- Online order  || Legging-  street shop(India)  || Sandals- Shoe city

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