How about a Duster cardigan with Combat boots

That morning when this photoshoot was planned for, I noticed my eyes were red and painful. Can you guess what went wrong? On the previous night I attended a friend’s birthday party for which I wore contact lenses for long hours and somehow this time I felt a kinda discomfort in my eyes. But I ignored the irritation and continued partying . This photo-shoot was pre-fixed for next day morning.
When Naveen (my photographer) called to know if I got ready I was still in a confused mind whether to go for the shoot or not with my swollen eyes. Naveen was cool about it though, he said not to worry and suggested I wear sunglass for the shoot. Clever ya! 😎IMG_0444IMG_0405_DSC9895
Great idea…I used some eye drops and quickly got ready in my new most favourite duster cardigan that my husband selected for me from my recent shopping at global village. Sometimes, he is really good in picking stuff that fits me and my style too! (I am stressing on the word “sometimes”)
This duster is just so-comfy-cozy and the details in it like the buttons and long slits are what makes this dress special. And the long sleeves too! I love wearing something special like this especially when someone I love picks it.
As the winter days are soon gonna be over here in Dubai, I want to wear all those clothes as much as possible that can be paired with boots to give it a touch of an easy chic Winter Street Style Outfit._DSC9806IMG_0451IMG_0450
This material is a bit transparent, so I wore this with a black spaghetti inside and paired it with my beloved red pants. The outfit is simple and I like it that way, so I kept the accessories to minimum -wore just earrings, a simple red neckpiece and of course the sunglass!_DSC9831IMG_0447
Now time for my tips to wear a duster cardigan –
I would suggest all girls to have a duster cardigan. They probably are the best layering gimmick and style statement right now. Most of you know I love to give a pop to my outfits or make up (lipstick) with some vibrant colors. So pair up a neutral duster cardigan with some colored pattern in fitted bottoms like leggings or jeggings that will add functionality & some zaaz to your outfit . Or they look amazing even with mini skirts or short dresses. Also it looks the great when paired with skinny jeans as it gives it a more versatile look.


Tell me, tell me-
Now you guys tell me would you prefer to wear a duster cardigan with flat sandals or stilettos or with boots.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Have a fabulous day.

Photographer – Naveen

Outfit details-
Boots – Nine west
Jeggings- Forever 21
Spaghetti- Dorothy Perkins
Duster and Neckpiece -Global Village(Dubai)

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