Street Shoppers Paradise – Global Village.

This past weekend, I was down with flu but my sister was undeterred in her quest to go shopping at Global Village & to take me with her. She had got very good reviews from her friends about the place this time & she was determined!! I usually hate to go there for one reason ….its such a huge place to walk and you get sooo tired with achy feet. Since the family was equally excited to go, I had little option than to join them. We reached there by 3.30, but they didn’t open up until 4 p.m.





As soon as we entered inside, flu & tiredness were all forgotten! I was sooo impressed by what I saw there that I couldn’t resist myself from running around posing for pictures . I gave the camera to my husband (who actually hates clicking my pictures), but somehow managed to convince him by saying “this is a good place to practice your photography”. I have to admit…I went a bit crazy taking photos around the area as the hustle & bustle was really interesting.DSC_9617DSC_9610DSC_9697DSC_9528DSC_9424Now, the Global Village is indeed a visual treat for shoppers and collectors of vintage items. A must-visit I would say. Yes, we all know in a city like Dubai, Malls and online shopping have literally taken over our lives but Global village provides unadulterated joy of street shopping. As most of you know, I love street shopping where the fun of bargain shopping is completely irreplaceable and I would say Global village is the place to shop especially if you are good at negotiating or bargaining!DSC_9613DSC_9523DSC_9474DSC_9564DSC_9545DSC_9542

There are shops with products from all over the world! There is something for everyone here! There are rides for the kids and adults, dancers of Morocco and the music of Africa, cute little coffee spots, drumming circle, dance shows…and what not. The Village is divided into Pavilions representing various countries. It showcases various art shows from different countries and cultures. You get products that are ethnic to many countries and cultures across the world.DSC_9532DSC_9609DSC_9692


One of the biggest pavilions is the India pavilion. It retains some of the souk-like atmosphere where you will find everything from fabulous handicrafts to inexpensive funky and antique jewelry, from hippest clothes to traditional jaipuri sarees and lehengas with many fine and tempting purses, clutches and handbags too to choose from. Overall the display of products is a riot of colors… We didn’t hit all the other countries because most of the time we were in Indian Pavilion and by 10:15 we decided to head home.




Awww, I wish I had more time as still I feel I was not really able to take enough shots. But there’s always a next time 😛. Oh well, hahaha, you can guess, I completely forgot about my Flu & got totally engrossed in this posing- which is a symptom of excitement . Anyways enjoy your weekend guys. Cheers.

Photographer: Shiju(My husband):-)

Outfit details-

Top : Top Shop  ||  Denim Jacket: Garage store ||  Floral jeans : Oxygene   || Shoes:Local store




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