Heyya’ my Loves !!!

Can you believe we’re just a day away from Valentine’s Day. Most of you would have noticed by now that I kinda have a love thing for the color Red. So naturally that’s one real reason why I enjoy this Day coz it’s a day of Red – bold red lipstick, red outfits, red balloons, red decorations all over and most importantly a day to drink as much Red sparkling wine as you want without judgment:-P

The day is one of everyone’s favorite fashion opportunities of the year too, yeah? Also who says it’s a day just for lovers or couples. No, it can be a perfect day to celebrate with your other loves of life too – yes, your parents, friends, kids and all those whom you love can all be a part of the celebration.

Well, have you all decided on what to wear on this romantic day?For my husband sexy is me in my blue jeans, so for me the day calls for a simple & comfortable but romantic style. Instead of going for an overly themed ensemble and getting sucked into the commercialism of overpriced Valentine’s Day outfit, I have decided to go for an outfit that I already own. To give my denim an extra oomph, I’ve put together some simple but flashier outfits to get a more romantic look and made my look sexier with winged eye liner, bold red lips, and vintage-inspired curls.12705465_573209796163177_7270633270863803971_n12715307_573209802829843_883899058873909103_n

A couple of months back I got a fun music shoot done with my friend and I am planning to apply this same simple attitude to my ideal Valentine’s Day look this year. It was a pair of simple jeans with a red belt and a blue spaghetti strap tank top, layered with a plain cherry red shirt and simple Red heels. Have a look at my pics in this outfit. Yes, it’s actually as comfy and cozy as it looks. The trick here isn’t to go overboard with a full red dress AND red accessories.



We all know Valentine’s Day is a holiday geared towards couples, but what if these couples have families? Gone are those days to have a romantic candlelight dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. There really is no reason why we can’t celebrate with our loved ones in an intimate dinner at home, and this year it does fall on a Sunday after all (it’s a working day here in Dubai!). Staying home and celebrating any occasion is a perk and for me, food is super special when it is homemade, especially when it is prepared by the magical hands of my cook Nafeesa Didi. So Instead of going to an overcrowded restaurant and to have a formal dinner, I’m planning on a cozy,romantic candle-lit V-day meal at home with my loved ones. Well, we don’t give each other gifts anymore, so we are making this day a gift by itself 😛


12742529_573209769496513_8413950518122901179_n12742547_573210032829820_2213382522062479403_n12744328_573209846163172_92486196969953183_n (1)

My Tips:
Here are a few of my ideas on what to wear on an evening date with your beloved.
Opt for something sexy but comfortable to wear. Wear something that shows some skin but not too exposed and which cover you in all the right places. Don’t be afraid to show off some of your curves and be proud of them! If you are not a Red Lover, go for pink. Or keep it elegant and simple with grey and black or some nude colors and add some flashy shoes. When in doubt you can always go with some sexy jeans and a great top, dressed up with some sexy high heels.
If you can’t wear high pointed stilettos then wear your highest pumps in wedges and create the effect of super long legs.
Choose sexy accessories like a purse that swings, sexy shoes, or Jewelry.
Be happy! Be yourself, be confident with who you are, and love the skin you’re in. Whether you’re on a date or just with your friends, always remember that they love you for who you are. Friendship, family and love mean a lot more than looks.



12744328_573209846163172_92486196969953183_n (1)So these are my ideas. I would love to know yours! Tell me what will be your outfit and how are you planning to celebrate it- Whether you want to look sweet and flirty or striking and romantic.

Enjoy the day. Spread love and get loved. Cheers!

Photographer : Sherith

Outfit details : Bag : Louis Vuitton || Jeans- Miss Sixty || Spaghetti top- Promod || Heels- Local store || Red Shirt- Next || Lipstic- MAC Ruby Woo

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  1. Emma k says:

    Red stillitoes r must for tmrw 😉

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