How about styling a Denim skirt ?

Hello everybody! Well, my loves, the weather in Dubai is great right now putting me in that perfect mood to try out new outfits and experiment with styles. So, for today, its a simple top & denim skirt combo with a geometric printed chiffon kimono. I teamed this look with a white watch and a pair of ivory boots. Okay, tell me don’t you all think that every girl should own a denim mini skirt? Who is guilty of having one hanging in their wardrobe, yeah?IMG_954912508752_570481879769302_2837075280742487743_n12592457_570481533102670_2752574084384706901_n12592769_570481849769305_4740207755419128441_n12631426_570481789769311_2856273479601664831_n

Recently while organising my wardrobe I was just super bored by my run-of-the-mill outfits(not that i am disappointed with my collections) that I called up my sister & we both hit Dubai mall DSF, making the best of the DSF deals.12642628_570481589769331_9044177515732440226_n12642813_570481636435993_395590336106211392_n12642868_570481669769323_8740966745316309316_n

When it comes to sales, I just can’t be bothered with the queuing, pushing, getting hot… Whatever the economic downturn, we ladies know the magic, a good shopping spree can spin!! (atleast in my case, it is so😝.)12644635_570481829769307_206040445116015615_n12644857_570481959769294_6207301698222452637_n12645182_570481779769312_668275616662578648_n12647327_570481916435965_5774081356302292765_n

In some outlets, the items were upto 70% or 80% off while in some, the price even on sale was more than I could afford.
Well this gorgeous denim skirt was one of my acquisitions at an outlet sale and I absolutely adore it. 12651079_570481683102655_192671432475562066_n12654270_570481473102676_5748999958795849499_n12654704_570481703102653_3990237961801378086_n12661794_570481899769300_1937288253295914062_n


In my opinion this combo has harmonizing colors and are perfectly fitting pieces and OMG before I forget I should say that I bought this top from Bangalore street shop for just Indian Rupees 700/- but believe me the material of this top is so good, so smooth and fits like a glove. I’ve washed it a lot of times in the machine and it never got ruined.Great quality and comfort is always a plus right,regardless of what the brand is?12669688_570481749769315_1650505392234091900_n12670100_570481646435992_2427326141980397722_n12670293_570482069769283_414243451413925048_n12687970_570482019769288_4252013004267402174_n

My tip- Now talking about this denim skirt, probably there are sumless variations to wear it.
When paired with a white blouse it gives an elegant look, more Casual with a black v-neck top and Cute with a ruffled top.12688104_570481953102628_5456677213706031790_n12688377_570482136435943_517028605833533368_n12705364_570481989769291_4241283580481892713_n12705421_570481429769347_7418532342384394346_n12705462_570482089769281_8680126773695371938_n

12642628_570481589769331_9044177515732440226_n Now my question to you will you wear a classic denim skirt in a different and unique way?

Have a good weekend my loves!

Photo courtesy: Sherith

Outfit details:
Denim Miniskirt: American Eagle
Top : Bangalore street shop
Kimono : H & M
Bag : Armani Exchange
Boots : Mootsies Tootsies
Watch: Storm
Flower clip: Local store

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