An edgy style with ripped tights

I always keep thinking “how can I look trashier” & wondered how I could get that ‘trashy hooker’ look all the hottest celebs carry so well … well, my daughter solved my dilemma.Yes, those rips in my tights are obviously intentional.




One evening when I reached home after work, I was beyond annoyed at the sight of my 8 year old daughter sitting in front of YouTube with a pair of scissors and one of her new tights(oh yeah, she loves DIYs) and when I freaked out at her, she said “Mom, I’m trying to rip this tights, it’s very trendy & you’ll love it.” Interestingly, it really changed my mood as she kinda did it so well… and haha you see, what happened then was, I went in and got one of my tights and with my daughter’s help, I made some random rips into it😛.Thank goodness the whole ripped tights turned out to be a super edgy thing.
Ever since then, ripped tights has been a weakness of mine too, regardless of whether or not they are in fashion. In this excitement of styling tights, I got super carried away that I got a big rip in my sister’s brand new tights as well!! 🙈She has tried not to loose her cool only saying, “OK, but you should have recycled my old tights”.


Before styling for this shoot, I was a bit unsure of what I would pair this tights with. I had laid out the clothes on my bed and I realized that this black and white outfit needed to happen and believe me, these tights with rips was so comfortable to wear (yes, even with the leather boots!)


I know some of you(specially my mom 😛)might be thinking “why is she wearing ripped/torn tights and calling it fashion..Is the economy so bad or is it recession style?” Hahaha….of course for me too once it used to look just so ridiculous and uncomfortable.

Okay…so yes, I should mention that those aren’t factory rips in my tights. All thanks to my daughter for this inspiration to own this punk or edgy style. Well, the orange bag that I used in the shoot was my styling choice to add a pop to this black and white look.

My tip-
Incorporating ripped tights into your wardrobe will allow you to have more bold fashion statements with many tops. There are endless ways that you can mix and match it with almost all of your favorite styles. For instance, the tights that are very bright should be paired with contrasting colors of tops and even shoes.IMG_8948IMG_8943

IMG_8963For anyone who is interested in ripping your old tights and adding an element of fashion into your personal wardrobe, there are several tutorials in YouTube that you can do at home in 5 minute or less! But be very careful while cutting tights which may destroy them or may look ridiculous and lame if you’re not careful…

Now, what I want to know is . . . would you wear ripped tights? If yes then what would you pair it with?

Have an awesome weekend guys!

Photographer – Sherith

Outfit details-
Boots – Nine west
Tights- Forever 21
Top- Promod
Bag – A local store(Dubai)
Shrug- Lifestyle


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