My first blog photoshoot at Al qudra lakes

Last week on Xmas eve after late night partying, I reached back at 3am and I just can’t believe that for this photoshoot, I woke up by 4:30am ‘coz it was special as this was a photoshoot for my first blog post.

I rushed to take my showers and my today’s look is very simple and classic….I wore a floral printed maxi dress in my most favourite colour Red. I applied my makeup quickly so that we could start from home at 5.30am to the Al Qudra lakes before sunrise.



It was still dark when we jumped into my car to begin our pre-sunrise journey. We passed the skyscrapers of Dubai and began to leave development behind us and move further towards the isolated deserts.

The scenery of the sun rising was breath-taking in the morning twilight and we reached the Qudra lakes just after sunrise. The air was so brisk and cool and in my excitement and hurry I forgot to carry my sweater.. Oops I literally was shivering but thank god atleast I took my scarf with me😛.



My photographer forgot completely about me on seeing the sunrise and the birds, that he started his crazy shoots of nature. I took opportunity of this as I quickly ran back to car from the freezing wind & took a power nap.🙈12459145_10207514330113898_426289403_o12465214_10207514330313903_773506041_o12465258_10207514334153999_248007716_o12465285_10207514333593985_1996031162_o12465391_10207514331793940_1758698464_o

There I met my colleague Sindu who is a nature photographer and was glad to meet her family too. If anyone wanna have a look at the beautiful nature pics shot by Sindu, please follow her on Instagram at S.SINDU. Even some candid shots my photographers made while I was with them.



After the sun rise shots were done, I think he remembered me and woke me up. By then it was not as cold as when we just reached there.

We began with the shoot and I loved posing around the lake with the ducks and swans complimenting the incredible scene.


We were finished by around 9 and we rushed to a closeby restaurant to have our breakfast as we all were hungry and thereafter headed back to home. On reaching home I slept like a lion. I was too excited about the images which I got from my busy photographer😛just yesterday and I’m so thrilled to share them here…..12471166_10207514334234001_983397540_o12471292_10207514333433981_1237789693_o12477116_10207514333913993_2090769479_o


 Photo Courtesy- Naveen
What I wear-
Maxi Dress :Santa Monica (C/A)
Shawl : Local store in Dubai
Heels : Nina (New York)
#chanel #lipstic


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